Senator S. Kiki Curls


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To see the legislature in action, we suggest Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, January through May.
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Hike to Whispering Gallery and/or Dome overlooking Jefferson City.
This is the must-see VIP tour we recommend to everyone. Please limit to groups of 10 or less, fourth grade and older.
Time: 30 minutes
View House Lounge and Thomas Hart Benton Murals.
Textbooks and Missouri history come alive in this room featuring the work of one of Missouri's finest individuals.
Time: 15 minutes
Visit Legislator's Office; Learn Legislative Process.
This is an effective way to learn the everyday routine in a legislator's office, learn more about the process, and see it in action.
Time: 15 minutes
Experience Debate in House and Senate Galleries.
There's nothing like heated debate to interest young and old minds alike.
Time: 20 minutes
Take Photo with Senator and Representative.
Receive a free copy for all involved in the tour. We also send the photo to local newspapers.
Time: 15 minutes
Stamp the State Seal in the Secretary of State's Office.
A neat souvenir to take home - your own personally stamped seal.
Time: 15 minutes
Eat a brownbag lunch at cost from the Capitol cafeteria.
We can also suggest other dining choices.
Time: 30 minutes
See other Artwork in the Capitol.
Several smaller murals and paintings are also availabe to tour.
Time: Self guided
History and Nature Museum
The history and nature museum are maintained by DNR on the first floor of the Capitol.
Time: Self guided


Runge Nature Center
Take a guided hike, enjoy nature and conservation programs, etc. Time: 1 hour
Highway Patrol Headquarters
The museum provides a graphic look at public safety. A movie is also available.
Time: 30-90 minutes
Governor's Mansion
Days and times are seasonal, check website for more information. Please note - 24 hours advanced notice is required.
Time: 30 minutes
Supreme Court
Learn about the history of the building and tour one of its two courtrooms.
Time: 30 minutes
Archives Alive
The new performance group Archives Alive! will bring Missouri history to life for your fourth-sixth grade students.
Time: 1 hour