Senator Scott Sifton


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To see the legislature in action, we suggest Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, January through May.
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Things to do in Jefferson City:

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Hike to Whispering Gallery and/or Dome overlooking Jefferson City.
This is the must-see VIP tour we recommend to everyone. Please limit to groups of 50 or less, fourth grade and older.
Time: 30 minutes
View House Lounge and Thomas Hart Benton Murals.
Textbooks and Missouri history come alive in this room featuring the work of one of Missouri's finest individuals.
Time: 15 minutes
Visit Legislator's Office; Learn Legislative Process.
This is an effective way to learn the everyday routine in a legislator's office, learn more about the process, and see it in action.
Time: 15 minutes
Experience Debate in House and Senate Galleries.
There's nothing like heated debate to interest young and old minds alike.
Time: 20 minutes
Take Photo with Senator and Representative.
Receive a free copy for all involved in the tour. We also send the photo to local newspapers.
Time: 15 minutes
Participate in a Mock Committee Meeting.
This is our best "learn by doing" activity. Student groups can use this and the visit to the senator's office to increase an understanding about the legislative process.
Time: 30 minutes
Stamp the State Seal in the Secretary of State's Office.
A neat souvenir to take home - your own personally stamped seal.
Time: 15 minutes
Eat a brownbag lunch at cost from the Capitol cafeteria.
We can also suggest other dining choices.
Time: 30 minutes
See other Artwork in the Capitol.
Several smaller murals and paintings are also availabe to tour.
Time: Self guided
History and Nature Museum
The history and nature museum are maintained by DNR on the first floor of the Capitol.
Time: Self guided


Runge Nature Center
Take a guided hike, enjoy nature and conservation programs, etc. Time: 1 hour
Highway Patrol Headquarters
The museum provides a graphic look at public safety. A movie is also available.
Time: 30-90 minutes
Governor's Mansion
Days and times are seasonal, check website for more information. Please note - 24 hours advanced notice is required.
Time: 30 minutes
Supreme Court
Learn about the history of the building and tour one of its two courtrooms.
Time: 30 minutes
Archives Alive
The new performance group Archives Alive! will bring Missouri history to life for your fourth-sixth grade students.
Time: 1 hour