Senator Russell
Bills Sponsored

HB 0064 - Allows guide dogs in training to accompany trainers/damages caused by dog are responsibility of the trainer
HB 0139 - Allows imposition of tourism tax on hotel and motel rooms for tourism
HB 0791 - Abolishes the "State Parks Revolving Fund" and redirects all affected funds to the "State Parks Earnings Fund"
SB 0011 - Adds associate circuit judges to Camden, Laclede and Taney counties
SB 0012 - Allows trainers of guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs and service dogs to enter premises without paying extra charges
SB 0013 - Excludes any capital gains included in federal adjusted gross income from state income tax
SB 0078 - Amends Supreme Court rule 5.29 to allow non-attorneys to represent themselves before certain state agencies
SB 0079 - Allows suspension of public assistance if a child does not attend school
SB 0080 - Exempts from state income tax social security benefits included in federal gross income
SB 0114 - Requires certain juvenile offenders to register with law enforcement
SB 0115 - Exempts retired military members from paying personalized license plate fees for retired military plates
SB 0116 - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0131 - Requires the Division of Family Services to destroy records one year after finding insufficient evidence of abuse
SB 0132 - Automatically closes personal information in motor vehicle records
SB 0133 - Exempts volunteers in civic activities from civil liability for ordinary negligence
SB 0143 - Expands reasons for being excused from jury service
SB 0144 - Children under age 18 must attend school to have a driver's license
SB 0145 - Mandates insurance coverage for innocent coinsured for losses arising from domestic violence
SB 0228 - Authorizes Governor to convey certain state property to the City of Osage Beach
SB 0229 - Allows certain cities to impose a tourism tax
SB 0230 - Modifies exemptions to animal baiting law
SB 0277 - Abolishes the State Park Revolving Fund
SB 0340 - Allows creation of law enforcement districts
SB 0341 - Requires Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide $80.00 per pupil for driver's education
SB 0433 - Authorizes the Director of the Dept. of Natural Resources to convey certain property in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park
SB 0438 - Removes an individual's photograph from the type of information the Department of Revenue can disclose
SCR 004 - Global Climate Treaty

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