Missouri State Senate
Senate Summaries on House Bills
HB 0001 - (Truly Agreed) Public debt appropriations
HB 0002 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the State Board of Education and the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB 0003 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Higher Education
HB 0004 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Depts. of Revenue and Transportation
HB 0005 - (Truly Agreed) Office of Administration, Department of Transportation and Governor's appropriations
HB 0006 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Departments of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation
HB 0007 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Departments of Economic Development, Insurance and Labor and Industrial Relations
HB 0008 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Dept. of Public Safety
HB 0009 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Dept. of Corrections
HB 0010 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Departments of Mental Health, Health, Board of Public Buildings
HB 0011 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for the Department of Social Services
HB 0012 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for Elected Officials; Judiciary & General Assembly
HB 0013 - (Truly Agreed) Leases and related services for departments of state government
HB 0014 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriations for supplemental purposes
HB 0015 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for capital improvements and other purposes for several departments
HB 0016 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for capital improvements and economic development projects
HB 0017 - (Truly Agreed) Capital improvement projects and maintenance and repairs
HB 0018 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for planning, expenses lease-purchases and for capital improvements
HB 0019 - (Truly Agreed) Appropriates money for various purposes of the several departments
HB 0026 - Death penalty may apply to murder of child 16 or less, developmentally disabled person or dependent adult
HB 0034 - Allows political subdivisions to join together to purchase insurance for elderly or low-income housing
HB 0035 - (Truly Agreed) Increases the maximum tourism sales tax that may be imposed in Kansas City
HB 0039 - (Truly Agreed) Revises notice requirements for lead hazard inspections
HB 0052 - Prohibits unfair or deceptive home improvement loans
HB 0058 - Revises eligibility for contamination cleanup reimbursement from Petroleum Storage Tanks Insurance Fund
HB 0060 - Revises law on military license plates and establishes a committee for developing specialized plates
HB 0063 - Prohibits private jails, changes inmate telephone contracts and specifies administration segregation
HB 0064 - Allows guide dogs in training to accompany trainers/damages caused by dog are responsibility of the trainer
HB 0065 - Modifies provisions of the St. Louis Police Retirement System
HB 0069 - Attempt to steal any amount of anhydrous ammonia is a Class D felony
HB 0076 - (Truly Agreed) Trustee cannot use trust to meet trustee's personal obligation to beneficiary
HB 0079 - (Truly Agreed) Creates exemptions in Proposition A, relating to animal fighting, for fishing and rodeo practices
HB 0094 - (Truly Agreed) Extends licensure for distribution of controlled substance from one to three years
HB 0103 - (Truly Agreed) Amends the civil procedure applicable to property nuisance actions
HB 0107 - Authorizes fee for lateral water line repairs in St. Louis County and its municipalities
HB 0115 - Authorizes state income tax credit for eligible expenditures to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act
HB 0120 - Eliminates phase-in of private pension exemption and reduces exemption dollar for dollar over income limits
HB 0122 - Makes permissive filing state income tax return if not required to file a federal income tax return
HB 0133 - Requires statutory authority for certain land purchases made by the federal government
HB 0136 - (Truly Agreed) Emancipated minors may make wills
HB 0139 - Allows imposition of tourism tax on hotel and motel rooms for tourism
HB 0145 - (Truly Agreed) Eliminates annual sewer system meeting and report requirements on PSC
HB 0152 - (Truly Agreed) Removes the sunset clause of December 31, 2001 on Department of Agriculture Demonstration Project Awards
HB 0153 - (Truly Agreed) Extends the Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund to December 31, 2007
HB 0162 - Modifies unemployment benefit insurance
HB 0165 - (Truly Agreed) Changes criminal code definition of public servant to include unpaid officials
HB 0180 - Establishes program for drycleaning solvent management
HB 0183 - Firearms used as collateral not to be considered as transfer of a concealable firearm without a permit
HB 0185 - (Truly Agreed) Allows optometrist to report to Department of Revenue a licensee's incompetence to drive
HB 0191 - Modifies the cancer information reporting system and requires insurance coverage for certain cancer services
HB 0192 - Regulates telemarketing and marketing practices
HB 0199 - Allows a judge to order counseling for children involved in divorce proceedings
HB 0201 - (Truly Agreed) Requires each state agency to make information technology available for individuals with disabilities
HB 0216 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts some residential lots over ten acres from state septic tank regulations
HB 0230 - Revises Lincoln University Board of Curators
HB 0242 - (Truly Agreed) Revises setting of court date in landlord-tenant actions
HB 0246 - Authorizes various tax credits for construction and rehabilitation of eligible residential property
HB 0248 - (Truly Agreed) Creates the crime of assault and/or killing of a police animal
HB 0256 - (Truly Agreed) Prohibits indemnification, or "hold harmless", clauses in certain construction contracts
HB 0257 - (Truly Agreed) Expands waiver of personal appearance by those in custody if appearance is made by two-way audio-visual communications
HB 0261 - Removes expiration date of December 31, 1999 from certain counties' transportation sales tax
HB 0265 - (Truly Agreed) Allows Board of Professional Registration to issue inactive licenses to podiatrists
HB 0266 - Allows defendants to donate funds to a county law enforcement fund as a condition of probation
HB 0267 - Modifies the powers and duties of the Division of Liquor Control
HB 0268 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts central dispatchers from liability for emergency telephone system and giving emergency instructions
HB 0271 - (Truly Agreed) Allows disclosure of HIV infection status to health care practitioners in certain situations
HB 0274 - (Truly Agreed) Amends medical malpractice statute of limitations
HB 0275 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes St. Louis City public administrator
HB 0277 - Prohibits automobile insurers from discriminating on the basis of information received from a consumer credit report
HB 0282 - (Truly Agreed) Shareholder vote not required for certain holding company reorganization under some circumstances
HB 0283 - Revises numerous criminal provisions, motor vehicle laws, and corrections provisions
HB 0290 - (Truly Agreed) Combat infantry license plates may be issued for certain commercial motor vehicles
HB 0300 - (Truly Agreed) Requires a county or municipality that loses a driver's license to pay for the cost of replacement
HB 0315 - Allows optometrists to certify that a person is disabled for purposes of obtaining a disabled license plate
HB 0316 - Programs for and protection of the elderly and public safety in the sale of bedding
HB 0318 - Provides training standards for 911 telecommunicators
HB 0321 - Changes representation on governing bodies of public colleges and universities
HB 0323 - Authorizes sale of certain land at Church Farm Correctional Facility
HB 0326 - (Truly Agreed) Moneys from rental of National Guard Armories may be directed to political subdivisions
HB 0327 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies contitional release requirements for those committed to the Department of Mental Health
HB 0328 - (Truly Agreed) Requires that the criminal ofense be included in judgments of acquittal due to mental disease
HB 0338 - Revises Division of Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety Law
HB 0343 - Makes numerous changes in licensing for various professions under the Division of Professional Registration
HB 0346 - (Truly Agreed) Extends Kansas City transportation sales tax until December 31, 2001
HB 0348 - (Truly Agreed) Requires registration of juvenile sex offenders
HB 0349 - Establishes the Family Development Account Program to enable individuals to establish special savings accounts
HB 0352 - (Truly Agreed) Allows municipalities with voter approval, to contract for fire protection services
HB 0358 - (Truly Agreed) Allows disclosure of positive HIV test results of sex offenders to parents of any victim who is minor
HB 0359 - (Truly Agreed) Allows juvenile court to refer person to prosecutor for endangering welfare of a child
HB 0366 - (Truly Agreed) Allows county collectors in certain counties to have branch offices
HB 0368 - Requires salary ranges for dept. directors and executive branch positions to be set by personnel advisory board
HB 0369 - Allows general assembly to appropriate funds to departments as grant moneys for specific public purpose
HB 0389 - Makes changes to St. Louis Boundary Commission law and general annexation procedures
HB 0399 - Changes due date of consumer use tax returns from January 31 to April 15
HB 0401 - Requires hearing screenings for infants
HB 0402 - (Truly Agreed) Transfers certain inventory duties of county clerk in 3rd and 4th classification counties
HB 0407 - Allows counties to vote on changing classification
HB 0409 - (Truly Agreed) Allows for the continuation of a deceased or incapacitated dentist's practice
HB 0415 - (Truly Agreed) Employment and educational opportunities for selective service registrants
HB 0426 - Repeals outdated or superceded sections relating to children and minors
HB 0427 - Creates Class A felony of infanticide
HB 0430 - Creates Missouri Settlement Trust Fund for deposit of tobacco settlement proceeds
HB 0441 - Establishes employer immunity for disclosure of certain employment information
HB 0445 - (Truly Agreed) Defines "insurer" to clarify what organizations are responsible for submitting malpractice claim reports
HB 0450 - Authorizes issuance of state bonds for water pollution and sewer projects
HB 0452 - Driver's license suspension for failure to resolve traffic tickets in any jurisdiction
HB 0453 - (Truly Agreed) Allows the release of Social Security numbers of the deceased by state agencies
HB 0454 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies cancer information reporting system by requiring compliance with the Cancer Registries Amendment Act of 1992
HB 0460 - Allows mandatory testing for blood borne diseases in certain circumstances
HB 0464 - (Truly Agreed) Retirees of local government may be reemployed and earn additional retirement benefits
HB 0468 - Establishes a pilot program for project labor agreements with the Department of Transportation
HB 0472 - Court shall not waive criminal background for adoption of a child
HB 0473 - Requires all public entity votes to be by roll call
HB 0476 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies residency requirements for aldermen in fourth class cities
HB 0478 - (Truly Agreed) Changes Managing General Agents Act as it pertains to foreign insurers
HB 0487 - (Truly Agreed) Extends statute of limitation for fraudulent child support claims
HB 0490 - Requires Health Dept. to maintain a registry and hotline for information on child care and elder care workers
HB 0492 - Certain securities registration requirements; authorizes commissioner of securities to issue cease and desist orders
HB 0499 - Election authorities may confiscate unlawful election material
HB 0500 - Applies the primary and interstate axle weight restrictions for commercial vehicles to statewide roads and bridges
HB 0514 - (Truly Agreed) Revises reemployment provisions of Public School Retirement System and Non Teacher Retirement System
HB 0516 - Increases income tax personal exemption amount for individuals from $1,200 to $2,100
HB 0517 - (Truly Agreed) Requires members of Motorcycle Safety Program Advisory Committee to be appointed by Governor
HB 0518 - (Truly Agreed) Enables a city of fourth class within a county of first classification to impose tax on transient guest rooms
HB 0524 - Extends sunset on hazardous waste disposal and generator fees
HB 0528 - (Truly Agreed) Establishes a POW/MIA Recognition Day
HB 0530 - Allows certain charges to be added to consumer loans and to second mortgage loans
HB 0533 - Taxpayers lose certain tax benefits if they hire illegal aliens
HB 0541 - Establishes the Southern Dairy Compact and Commission
HB 0542 - Authorizes contributions of cash and marketable securities for maternity home/domestic violence tax credits
HB 0548 - (Truly Agreed) Clarifies definition of food for purposes of reduced sales tax rate
HB 0550 - Requires the Dept. of Social Services to maintain compliance records if other records are maintained
HB 0568 - (Truly Agreed) Allows state and political subdivisions to set a mandatory retirement age for firemen and police officers
HB 0570 - (Truly Agreed) Adds chiropractors to those restricted from testifying on matters of patient client confidentiality
HB 0589 - Authorizes the conveyance of state property to the City of Farmington
HB 0599 - Revises receivership law by exempting commercial property and casualty policies from certain regulations
HB 0603 - Revises landfill permit process and waste tire laws
HB 0607 - (Truly Agreed) Requires the addition of an HIV testing site in central Missouri
HB 0618 - Requires managed care organizations to reimburse nursing home patients for certain services
HB 0621 - Allows kindergarten pupils to attend prior summer school
HB 0646 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts commercial motor vehicle less than 18,000 pounds from weight station stops
HB 0661 - (Truly Agreed) Allows disciplinary transfers of Highway Patrol members at the member's expense
HB 0662 - (Truly Agreed) Changes portions of the sheriffs' retirement plan
HB 0673 - Provides procedure for disciplinary actions against law enforcement officers
HB 0676 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies provisions of election law, including the Presidential Primary
HB 0678 - (Truly Agreed) Allows Division of Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety to use grade crossing safety account for administrative expenses
HB 0680 - Changes refund process for motor fuel taxes by non-highway users
HB 0686 - Creates a St. Louis Metropolitan Park and Recreation Dist. and expands powers of Regional Recreation Districts
HB 0700 - Allows rate adjustments for capacity and energy costs of electrical corporations
HB 0701 - (Truly Agreed) Creates new enterprise zones and revises conditions for granting enterprise zone credits
HB 0708 - (Truly Agreed) Allows alien individual ownership of agricultural land in limited circumstances
HB 0718 - Modifies existing law with respect to small employer and individual health insurance policies
HB 0721 - (Truly Agreed) Describes procedures relating to the treatment of tuberculosis
HB 0723 - Revises law on motor vehicle safety/licensure/registration/ inspections/emissions and financial responsibility
HB 0724 - Requires circuit clerk to notify the Highway Patrol of involuntary commitments to the Dept. of Mental Health
HB 0736 - Revises Public School Retirement System and Non-Teachers Retirement System
HB 0741 - (Truly Agreed) Human rights chapter does not apply to certain eviction actions
HB 0745 - Expands sales tax provision for law enforcement to include fire protection
HB 0748 - (Truly Agreed) Allows salary adjustment for certain St. Louis City officials
HB 0763 - Public records may be created and stored electronically
HB 0775 - Exempts constitutional charter cities from statutory procedures regarding special tax assessments
HB 0776 - (Truly Agreed) Prescribes procedures for reestablishment of lost township corners
HB 0778 - (Truly Agreed) Establishes Missouri Educational Employees' Memorial Scholarship Program
HB 0779 - Expands the right of counties to vacate certain property
HB 0780 - General Assembly may draft ballot titles on its legislation submitted to the voters, and changes initiative petitions
HB 0788 - Revises laws for registration of offenders
HB 0789 - (Truly Agreed) Signatures required to obtain petition audits by the State Auditor
HB 0791 - (Truly Agreed) Abolishes the "State Parks Revolving Fund" and redirects all affected funds to the "State Parks Earnings Fund"
HB 0792 - (Truly Agreed) State Fire Marshall employees shall be trained as peace officers
HB 0793 - Changes enforcement procedures of gambling boats and regulates raffles and sweepstakes
HB 0795 - (Truly Agreed) Permits documents to be kept in an electronic format by certain public entities
HB 0796 - (Truly Agreed) Requires that county hospital assets be allocated in certain ways
HB 0800 - (Truly Agreed) Conveyance of easements in Babler Memorial State Park and Route 66 State Park
HB 0808 - Designates the apple as the official fruit of Missouri
HB 0812 - Increases the maximum allowable tax levy for city, county and district hospitals to $1.00
HB 0814 - (Truly Agreed) Requires non-participating tobacco manufacturers to deposit funds into escrow account
HB 0818 - Establishes requirements for remediation of student academic deficiencies
HB 0822 - Revises laws relating to bank and trust companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions
HB 0826 - Modifies regulation of nursing homes by the Division of Aging
HB 0834 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizing conveyance of an easement in Taum Sauk State Park
HB 0846 - Allows Commissioner of Administration to waive bidding procedures for certain purchases by Dept. of Mental Health
HB 0847 - Allows municipalities and counties to choose between overlapping service by ambulance districts
HB 0850 - Expands definition of deviate sexual intercourse; pending cases shall not benefit from a change in law
HB 0852 - Revises civil commitment of sexually violent predators law
HB 0853 - (Truly Agreed) Changes the number and composition of municipal planning commission of municipalities
HB 0857 - (Truly Agreed) Exempts Roth IRAs from attachment and execution except for payment of child support and maintenance
HB 0861 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes distribution of surplus state supplies and property to certain not-for-profit corporations
HB 0866 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies certain provisions relating to real estate licensees and transaction brokers
HB 0867 - (Truly Agreed) Allows Board of Optometry to seek court orders against licensees
HB 0888 - Expands the power of the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority
HB 0889 - Establishes remedial reading programs
HB 0893 - (Truly Agreed) Establishes November 28 as Emergency Services Recognition Day
HB 0895 - (Truly Agreed) Revises requirements applicable to sheriffs' departments in 1st class noncharter counties
HB 0903 - Includes health service corporations and HMOs in the requirements for union or employer health policies
HB 0911 - Revises the County Employee Retirement System
HB 0915 - (Truly Agreed) Modifies transaction of business at meetings of electric cooperatives
HB 0920 - (Truly Agreed) Revises composition of advisory committee to Coordinating Board for Higher Education
HB 0926 - Eliminates the requirement of a policy summary for life insurance policies marketed with an illustration
HB 0929 - (Truly Agreed) Revises open burning restrictions for Franklin County
HB 0930 - (Truly Agreed) Corrects reference to POW/MIA flag
HB 0965 - (Truly Agreed) Authorizes State Treasurer to convey balances of certain funds to Missouri Investment Trust
HB 0971 - Exempts St. Louis Airport from planning and zoning requirements for airport expansion
HB 0979 - (Truly Agreed) Changes membership requirements for the Board of Trustees of the St. Louis Public School Retirement System
HB 0987 - (Truly Agreed) Requires all counties to have a county auditor
HB 0988 - Revises cap on biennial transfer of DNR Revolving Services Fund
HB 1045 - Authorizes circuit courts to deposit court funds in savings deposits of credit unions and other investments
HCR 001 - Setting procedure for the State of the Judiciary address
HCR 002 - Setting procedure for the State of the State address
HCR 003 - Authorizes Joint Interim Legislative Committee on Term Limits
HCR 004 - Commissioner of Administration and the State Treasurer to establish an Electronic Funds Transfer System
HCR 006 - Disapproval of the 1998 Report of the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
HCR 009 - Protests "dumping" of steel products in the United States
HCR 010 - Creates Joint Legislative Committee on Immigration
HCR 011 - Continues the Joint Interim Committee on Telecommunications and Energy
HCR 016 - Risk Management program of the Environmental Protection Agency
HCR 017 - Approves the annexation of a part of Northwest Missouri State University by Maryville
HCR 019 - Encourages participation in the "Share the Harvest" program
HCR 021 - Requests the US Postal Service to issue a stamp honoring police officers killed in the line of duty
HCR 028 - Authorizes interim legislative committee to study funding of hazardous waste program
HCR 035 - Naming the Kansas City state office building the "Fletcher Daniels Missouri State Office Building"
HJR 005 - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority
HJR 026 - Requires 2/3 majority on conservation initiatives
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