SB 0455 Revises ballot measures procedures for initiative petitions and for legislation submitted to a vote
LR Number:S1714.03P Fiscal Note:1714-03
Committee:Elections, Veterans' Affairs & Corrections
Last Action:04/27/99 - Hearing Conducted H Elections Committee Journal page:
Title:SS SB 455
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SB 455 - This act allows, but does not require, the General Assembly to draft the summary statement and fiscal note summary for measures its submits to the voters. If the General Assembly does draft the summary statement or fiscal note summary, it shall meet the same standards as the summary statement or fiscal note summary prepared by the Secretary of State or Auditor, respectively, except that articles shall not be counted when counting the 50 words maximum for the summary statement or fiscal note summary.

When the General Assembly does not prepare the summary statement or the fiscal note summary, the summary statement or fiscal note summary shall be prepared by the Secretary of State or the Auditor as provided by law.

The act also makes the President Pro Tem, the Speaker, the sponsor of the bill and the Secretary of State the defendant if there is a challenge to the summary statement or fiscal note summary. A court action to challenge the summary statement or fiscal note summary prepared by the General Assembly must be filed no later than 10 days after the Secretary of State certifies the Official Ballot Title. The Secretary of State must certify the Official Ballot Title within 33 days after each presiding officer has signed the bill or resolution, if the General Assembly has prepared the summary statement or fiscal note summary.

This act also modifies various provisions of initiative and referendum petitions, similar to SB 473. This act:

(1) Requires petition circulators to register with the Secretary of State no later than the last day to turn in petition signatures;

(2) Authorizes the Secretary of State to establish a process for the random sampling of signatures, when verifying signatures;

(3) Provides that signatures crossed out and signatures acquired by a non-registered petition circulator are invalid;

(4) Places ballot measures on the ballot in the order approved by the General Assembly;

(5) Changes the deadline for submitting full verification of signatures from election authority to Secretary of State (last Tuesday in July instead of early to mid-August);

(6) Changes penalty provisions for false signatures to a Class A misdemeanor with an enhanced fine of $10,000 (the same fine as applies to felonies);

(7) Sets a schedule for sending petition signatures to the election authority for verification; and

(8) Sets a deadline for Secretary of State to issue a certificate of petition, to allow possible litigation to proceed earlier.

This act is similar to CCS/SS/SCS/HCS/HB 676.