SB 0448 Requires the licensure of professional addictions counselors
LR Number:S1928.01I Fiscal Note:1928-01
Committee:Public Health and Welfare
Last Action:03/01/99 - Hearing Conducted S Public Health & Welfare Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

SB 448 - This act requires the licensure of professional addictions counselors (PAC), who counsel those who use or abuse alcohol or drugs, or engage in addictive behaviors such as gambling. This requirement does not apply to certain persons listed in this section. Prior to July 1, 2000, certain persons may apply for licensure without satisfying the examination and academic requirements. After July 1, 2000, every person must satisfy the academic and exam requirements before being licensed as a PAC. This does not, however, mean that only licensed PACs may be hired by facilities.

This act establishes the State Board of Professional Addictions Counselors, for which staff will be provided by the Department of Economic Development. The Board may set the amount of fees, which will be distributed in the Professional Addictions Counselors' Fund.

Certain information must be provided in the license application, including evidence of the required hours of supervised experience. Licensed PACs from other states may be licensed in Missouri upon application. All licenses will be valid for two years and may be renewed upon application and temporary permits to practice may also be issued.

The Board may refuse or suspend licensure under certain circumstances. Notice shall be given to the applicant and he or she may appeal the decision. An applicant violating any of these provisions will be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor, which may carry a prison term of up to six months. The Department may also sue to enjoin a person from practicing as a PAC. The Board may hire legal counsel, on a contract basis, to represent the board on matters related to these sections.