SB 0070 Revises the motor vehicle franchise law
LR Number:S0574.09P Fiscal Note:0574-09
Last Action:04/27/99 - Hearing Scheduled But NOT Heard H Motor Vehicle & Journal page:
Traffic Regulations Committee
Title:SS#2 SB 70
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SB 70 - This act makes several changes to the jurisdiction of courts and administrative agencies regarding motor vehicle franchise law.

This act clarifies that "purposeful contact" for personal jurisdiction in motor vehicle franchise practices includes contact using the Internet.

Franchisor action that requires "good cause" will not be taken when the action is protested by a franchisee, and the administrative law judge determines that good cause does not exist. Appeals are to the Cole County circuit.

This act also requires that new cases filed to enforce an administrative finding in circuit court be held in abeyance if the underlying judgment is on appeal.