SJR 017 Authorizes general assembly to provide for site valuation ofland for property tax purposes
01/06/99S First Read S21-22
01/12/99Referred S Ways & Means Committee S76
02/09/99Hearing Conducted S Ways & Means Committee
02/25/99Voted Do Pass S Ways & Means Committee
03/23/99Reported From S Ways & Means Committee to Floor S536-537
04/01/99Perfected S614
04/06/99Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S631
04/07/99Referred S Budget Control Committee S640
04/13/99Voted Do Not Pass S Budget Control Committee
04/22/99Committee Vote Reconsidered
04/22/99Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
04/22/99Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S863
04/26/99Defeated on S Third Reading S881
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