SB 0472 Makes technical revisions to education law
02/18/99S First Read S290
02/22/99Referred S Education Committee S305
03/03/99Hearing Scheduled But Not Heard S Education Committee
03/10/99Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
03/10/99Voted Do Pass S Education Committee
03/25/99Reported From S Education Committee to Floor S562
04/07/99SA 1 S offered & adopted (Kenney) S646-647
04/07/99SA 2 S offered & defeated (Westfall) S647-648
04/07/99SA 3 S offered & adopted (Ehlmann) S648
04/07/99Perfected, as amended S648
04/12/99Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S673
04/13/99Referred S Budget Control Committee S686
04/29/99Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
04/29/99Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
05/03/99Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S1035
05/10/99Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S1223
05/14/99S Inf Calendar S Bills for Third Reading
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