SB 0371 Requires audits of forfeitures proceeds and revises officer training requirements
01/28/99S First Read S154
02/02/99Referred S Ways & Means Committee S170
03/23/99Hearing Cancelled S Ways & Means Committee
03/30/99Hearing Scheduled But Not Heard S Ways and Means
04/01/99Hearing Conducted S Ways & Means Committee
04/01/99Voted Do Pass w/SCA 1 S Ways & Means Committee
04/01/99Reported From S Ways & Means Committee to S615
Floor w/SCA 1
04/08/99SCA 1 S adopted S659
04/08/99Perfected, as amended S659
04/12/99Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S673
04/20/99S Third Read and Passed S795
04/20/99H First Read H1373
04/21/99H Second Read H1382
04/21/99Referred H Criminal Law Committee H1413
04/28/99Hearing Conducted H Criminal Law Committee
05/04/99HCS Voted Do Pass H Criminal Law Committee
05/07/99HCS Reported Do Pass H Criminal Law Committee H1857
05/14/99HS for HCS H offered (Hosmer) (L1612.08S) H2279
05/14/99HA 1 to HS for HCS H offered & adopted H2279
05/14/99HA 2 to HS for HCS H offered H2279-2281
05/14/99HSA 1 for HA 2 to HS for HCS H offered & defeated H2281-2283
05/14/99HA 2 to HS for HCS H adopted H2283
05/14/99HS for HCS, as amended, H adopted H2283
05/14/99H Third Read and Passed H228371551
05/14/99S refuses to concur in HS for HCS S1557H2291
05/14/99S requests H recede or grant conference S1557H2291
05/14/99H refuses to recede & grants conference H2294S1561
05/14/99H Conferees appointed H2299S1561
05/14/99S Conferees appointed S1565H2307
05/14/99In Conference
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