SB 0294 Changes the law relating to the licensing and use of motor vehicles
01/18/99S First Read S105
01/25/99Referred S Transportation Committee S138
02/02/99Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
02/02/99Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee
02/04/99Reported From S Transportation Committee to Floor S185
02/18/99SA 1 S offered (Singleton) S288
02/18/99SA 1 to SA 1 S offered & withdrawn (Ehlmann) S288
02/18/99SA 1 S adopted S288
02/18/99SA 2 S offered & defeated (Singleton) S288-289
02/18/99SA 3 S offered & defeated (Singleton) S289
02/18/99SA 4 S offered & adopted (Kenney) S289
02/18/99Perfected, as amended S289
02/22/99Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S300
02/22/99Referred S Budget Control Committee S305
03/01/99Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
03/01/99Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
03/01/99Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S368
03/02/99S Third Read and Passed - EC defeated S385-386
03/02/99H First Read H626
03/03/99H Second Read H633
03/10/99Referred H Transportation Committee H758
03/31/99Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
03/31/99Voted Do Pass H Transportation Committee
04/13/99Reported Do Pass H Transportation Committee H1219
04/26/99Referred H Fiscal Review Committee H1502
04/28/99Hearing Conducted H Fiscal Review Committee
04/28/99Voted Do Pass H Fiscal Review Committee
04/28/99Reported Do Pass H Fiscal Review Committee H1577
04/28/99HA 1 H offered & adopted (Koller) H1590-1591
04/28/99HA 2 H offered & withdrawn (Schilling) H1591
04/28/99HA 2 H offered & adopted (Ladd-Stokan) H1591-1593
04/28/99HA 3 H offered & adopted (Hosmer) H1593
04/28/99HA 4 H offered & adopted (Legan) H1593-1594
04/28/99HA 5 H offered & defeated (Dougherty) H1594
04/28/99HA 6 H offered & adopted (Hartzler) H1595-1597
04/28/99HA 7 H offered & Ruled out of order (Parker) H1597
04/28/99HA 7 H offered & adopted (Evans) H1597-1598
04/28/99H Third Read and Passed, as amended H1598/S992
05/11/99S concurred in HA 1 S1321-1322
05/11/99S concurred in HA 2 S1322
05/11/99S refuses to concur in HA 3 S1322
05/11/99Motion to reconsider HAs 1 & 2 S adopted S1322
05/11/99S refuses to concur in HAs S1322H1977
05/11/99S requests H recede or grant conference S1322H1977
05/11/99H refuses to recede & grants conference H1980S1342
05/11/99H Conferees appointed H2004S1344
05/11/99S Conferees appointed S1343
05/12/99CCR/CCS S offered & adopted S1420
05/12/99S Third Read and Passed - EC adopted S1420H2104
05/13/99CCR/CCS H offered & adopted H2123-2124
05/13/99H Third Read and Passed - EC defeated H2124-2126
05/13/99Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S1443
05/26/99Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1589
05/26/99Signed by Senate President S1590
05/26/99Signed by House Speaker H2359
05/26/99Delivered to Governor S1590
07/13/99Vetoed by Governor SV2-3
09/15/99No motion made to override Governor's veto SV5
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