SB 0170 Lowers the percentage vote required for condo owners to amend the condo declaration
01/06/99S First Read S17
01/18/99Referred S Insurance & Housing Committee S107
01/27/99Hearing Conducted S Insurance & Housing Com.-Consent
02/22/99SCS Voted Do Pass S Insurance & Housing Com.-Consent
02/22/99Reported From S Insurance & Housing Committee to S303
Floor w/SCS - Consent
03/03/99SCS S adopted S396
03/03/99S Third Read and Passed - Consent S396
03/04/99H First Read H647
03/08/99H Second Read H655
03/22/99Referred H Judiciary Committee H819
03/30/99Hearing Conducted H Judiciary Committee
04/08/99HCS Voted Do Pass H Judiciary Committee
04/13/99Committee Vote Reconsidered
04/13/99HCS Voted Do Pass H Judiciary Committee-Consent
04/13/99HCS Reported Do Pass H Judiciary Committee - Consent H1215
04/22/99Bill Placed on Informal Calendar H1470
04/29/99Stricken from Calendar H1632
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