SB 0095 Eliminates fees for inspection of weighing and measuring devices
01/06/99S First Read S13
01/14/99Referred S Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & Tourism S98
01/20/99Hearing Conducted S Agriculture, Conservation, Parks
and Tourism Committee
02/10/99Voted Do Pass S Agriculture, Conservation, Parks &
Tourism Committee
02/11/99Reported From S Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & S228
Tourism Committee to Floor
02/24/99Perfected S333
02/25/99Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S344
02/25/99Referred S Budget Control Committee S346
03/10/99Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
03/10/99Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
03/24/99Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S549
03/25/99S Third Read and Passed S558
03/25/99H First Read H903
03/29/99H Second Read H914
03/29/99Referred H Agri-Business Committee H928
04/12/99Hearing Conducted H Agri-Business Committee
04/13/99Voted Do Pass H Agri-Business Committee
04/13/99Reported Do Pass H Agri-Business Committee H1213
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