Missouri State Senate
Information on Second 1997 Extraordinary Session 

  Bills Introduced In The Special Session
SB 0001 - Mathewson - Programs Coordinated or Administered by the Dept. of Economic Development
SB 0002 - Russell - Extends Sales Taxes Authorized for Certain Business
SB 0003 - Maxwell - Establishes Nonprofit Sewer Companies
SB 0004 - Childers - Revises the Taxing Authority of Certain Counties and Municipalities
SB 0005 - Rohrbach - Relating to tourism tax
SB 0006House - Relating to county convention and sports facilities authority
SB 0007Schneider  - Restricts Rulemaking Authority of Agencies
SB 0008Caskey  - Prohibits Partial Birth Abortions in Certain Situations
SB 0009Kinder  - Makes Partial Birth Abortions Illegal Except in Certain Circumstances
HB 0001 - Relating to certain nonprofit membership corporations
HB 0002 - Relating to sales taxation
HB 0003 - Relating to municipalities
HB 0004 - Relating to notification of elections

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