Senator Phil Curls
District 9

Senator Phil B. Curls, Sr., a native of Kansas City, Missouri, was elected to represent the Ninth Senatorial District in 1983. He was first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 1972 and served in that legislative body for 11 years before being elected in a special election to the Missouri Senate. He is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee which deals with issues regarding the State Budget. In addition, Senator Curls serves as Chairman of the Insurance and Housing Committee, Chairman of Interstate Cooperation, a member of the Public Health and Welfare Committee, and a member of Corrections and General Laws. Senator Curls has been an advocate and friend of Kansas City on issues of housing, education, child and family service, health care and insurance.

Today in the Kansas City School District and school districts throughout the state, parents can more readily improve the conditions of education provided for their children. Senator Curls spearheaded the passage of legislation to reduce the approval level of bond issues to support education from 2/3rds to 4/7th. This was a big victory for school districts around the state trying to make substantial improvements in their curriculum, and the general well being of their local schools. Senator Curls was an ardent supporter of Senate Bill 380 which called for increased revenue for urban school districts and the equitable distribution of state funds for schools. Senator Curls was appointed by the Governor to serve on the State's Desegregation Task Force dealing with critical desegregation issues in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Senator Curls believes in early and positive intervention of children. He sponsored the Missouri Child Care Development Act. It's major components included the development of a comprehensive state plan for child care, enhanced regulations for child care facilities and coordinated services to children.

In addition, Senator Curls has been the sponsor of major housing legislation which includes the Housing Trust Fund, tax credits for housing and homeless assistance, tax increment financing for low income housing, reform of Statute 353, and grants and assistance for the homeless. He has received numerous awards from around the state from housing advocates for his commitment to housing issues.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Senator Curls was educated at De LaSalle High School and Rockhurst College. He is married to Melba Curls. They have three sons, Philip, Michael and Louis and one daughter, Monica.