Journal of the Senate



     The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

     President Wilson in the Chair.

     The Chaplain offered the following prayer:

     Our Father in Heaven, with our young men and women in Bosnia and our national leaders unable to agree, we are thankful for this body at which the Pro Tem ends his annual message with a prayer and where there seems to be a genuine concern for all people. We pray that what is asked in prayer and what seems to be will actually be during this session. Amen.

     The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

     A quorum being established, the Senate proceeded with its business.

     The Journal of the previous day was read and approved.

     The following Senators were present during the day's proceedings:

Absent with leave--Senators
The Lieutenant Governor was present.


     Senator Mathewson offered the following resolution:


     WHEREAS, the Administration Committee is required by law to establish the rates of pay each year; and

     WHEREAS, such rates of pay are to be the same as those established under the policies of the Personnel Division of the Office of Administration for comparable duties after examination of the rates of pay then in effect; and

     WHEREAS, the rates of pay established shall become effective in January of the following year.

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Committee on Administration that the number, classification and rates of pay authorized for employees of the Senate shall include one department director, two deputy department directors, and seven division level directors to be compensated according to Office of Administration guidelines for compensation of division directors; and the following authorized employees at rates of pay within the ranges hereby established:

5Staff Attorney II2,446 - 3,271
1Research Analyst I2,169 - 2,882
2Research Analyst II2,446 - 3,271
1Research Analyst III3,138 - 4,243
1Investigator2,256 - 3,006
5Research Staff Secretary1,789 - 2,350
5Budget Research Analyst II2,446 - 3,271
3Assistant Secretary of Senate1,200 - 2,765
6.5Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk1,722 - 2,256
0.5Billroom Supervisor1,722 - 2,256
2Billroom Clerk850 - 1,561
3Public Information Specialist I1,722 - 2,256
1Public Information Specialist II1,855 - 2,446
1Public Information Specialist IV2,256 - 3,006
3Administrative Assistant1,200 - 4,635
1Executive Assistant1,530 - 4,523
1Telecommunications Coordinator1,500 - 2,882
3Accountant1,265 - 2,256
7Administrative Secretary1,310 - 3,006
8Clerical Assistant1,200 - 2,446
1Messenger950 - 1,748
1Data Control Coordinator1,929 - 2,548
3Programmer III2,350 - 3,138
1Systems Programmer II2,548 - 3,413
3Computer Operator III1,929 - 2,548
5Data Entry Operator III1,397 - 1,817
1Graphics Supervisor1,789 - 2,350
1Composing Equipment Operator I1,100 - 1,817
3Composing Equipment Operator III1,200 - 2,169
1Mailroom Supervisor1,789 - 2,350
2Duplicating Equipment Operator I1,302 - 1,681
2Duplicating Equipment Operator II1,448 - 1,887
1Duplicating Equipment Operator III1,601 - 2,085
2Duplicating Equipment Operator IV1,789 - 2,350
1Photographer1,200 - 2,657
0.25Physical Plant Supervisor1,830 - 3,579
1Maintenance Supervisor II1,789 - 2,350
1Carpenter II1,661 - 2,169
6.5Custodian II950 - 1,561
2Custodian III1,000 - 1,681
1Sergeant-at-Arms (elected)1,200 - 2,765
0.5Doorkeeper (elected)900 - 1,969
3Assistant Doorkeeper600 - 1,321
0.5Reading Clerk750 - 1,448
0.5Chaplain (elected)475 - 800

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate Administration Committee is authorized to establish a formula setting forth the maximum amount which may be expended by each Senator for the employment of Administrative and Clerical Assistants. Each Senator will be notified of the funds available, and shall thereafter certify to the Senate Administrator the names and addresses of Administrative and Clerical Assistants. The compensation paid to the Senators' administrative and clerical assistants shall be within the limits of the categories set forth hereinabove.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate Administrator, with the approval of the Senate Administration Committee, shall have the authority to cooperate and coordinate with the House Administrator in the selection of employees, who shall be assigned to the garage, Joint Committee Staffs and the rotunda area, and who will be paid from the Joint House and Senate Contingent Fund, within the limits of the categories set out above.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Committee on Administration has the authority to reduce, combine or consolidate positions and salaries where necessary to meet changed conditions or circumstances which arise, and may enter into contracts with consultants, provided such consultant's contract fee does not exceed the salary for the comparable position, and such consultant shall count as an employee of the Senate.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate Administration Committee is authorized to adjust the foregoing pay ranges in July to reflect implementation of the state pay plan for FY 1997.

     Senator Caskey offered Senate Resolution No. 718, regarding the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Phillips, Butler, which was adopted.


Senator DePasco offered the following concurrent resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Rules, Joint Rules and Resolutions:


     WHEREAS, The Kansas City historic Liberty Memorial is the only monument in the United States to the more than 112,000 brave Americans who gave their lives defending freedom during World War I;

     WHEREAS, The Liberty Memorial is in danger of disintegrating and is closed to the public for reasons of safety;

     WHEREAS, The Liberty Memorial is 68 years of age;

     WHEREAS, The Liberty Memorial towers 217 feet above ground level, looking down on the Kansas City, Missouri Station;

     WHEREAS, The physical condition of The Liberty Memorial is worsening with water seepage throughout the surface limestone and aggregate, deteriorated by cycles of freezing and thawing, has collected in the concrete support piers and rusted out the essential metal rods within those piers. The piers range in height from 12 feet on the south side to 40 feet on the north;

     WHEREAS, Engineering estimates put the restoration cost at a considerable amount;

     WHEREAS, The preservation of the Classic Monument, The Liberty Memorial, represents a major step in the march of freedom;

     WHEREAS, President Calvin Coolidge dedicated the Liberty Memorial in 1926;

     WHEREAS, U.S. General of the Armies, John J. Pershing born in Laclede, Missouri, said at the 1926 dedication, "This memorial .... symbolized the obligation that rests upon present and future generations to preserve that for which those men and women offered their all,"; and

     WHEREAS, the 1995 National Convention of the American legion, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 4-5-6, approved Resolution #91 (MO), which called for restoration of The Liberty Memorial:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that the United States Congress is authorized and requested to appropriate the money necessary to restore The Liberty Memorial, the only National Memorial to our World War I veterans; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is instructed to prepare properly inscribed copies of this resolution to be sent to the Missouri Congressional Delegation in Washington, D. C. and to The American Legion.


     The following Bills were read the 1st time and 1,000 copies ordered printed:

SB 689--By Johnson and Russell.

     An Act to repeal section 49.267, RSMo 1994, and section 67.400, RSMo Supp. 1995, relating to county government, and to enact in lieu thereof two new sections relating to the same subject.

     SB 690--By Johnson.

     An Act to amend chapter 261, RSMo, relating to the department of agriculture, by adding one new section relating to the same subject.

     SB 691--By Johnson.

     An Act to repeal section 390.126, RSMo 1994, and to enact one new section in lieu thereof relating to local licensing of motor carriers at airports.

     SB 692--By Moseley.

     An Act to amend chapter 491, RSMo, by adding thereto one new section relating to witness immunity, with penalty provisions.

     SB 693--By Moseley.

     An Act to repeal section 58.095, RSMo 1994, relating to county coroners, and to enact one new section relating to the same subject.

     SB 694--By Moseley.

     An Act to amend chapter 172, RSMo, by adding three new sections relating to police officers of the state university.

     SB 695--By Moseley.

     An Act to amend chapter 315, RSMo, by adding six new sections relating to the rights and obligations of innkeepers and guests.

     SB 696--By Sims.

     An Act to repeal sections 354.430 and 354.440, RSMo 1994, relating to managed care plans, and to enact in lieu thereof two new sections relating to the same subject.

     SB 697--By Bentley.

     An Act to repeal section 32.055, RSMo 1994, relating to motor vehicle records, and to enact one new section relating to the same subject, with an effective date.

     SB 698--By Bentley.

     An Act to amend chapter 42, RSMo, by adding one new section relating to the establishment of a state-owned veterans' cemetery.

     SB 699--By DePasco.

     An Act to amend chapter 650, RSMo, by adding fourteen new sections relating to the regulation of security alarm systems, with penalty provisions.

     SB 700--By DePasco.

     An Act to repeal sections 558.011, 558.021 and 566.625, RSMo 1994, and section 566.610, RSMo Supp. 1995, relating to crime, and to enact in lieu thereof five new sections relating to the same subject, with penalty provisions.

     SB 701--By DePasco.

     An Act to repeal section 260.205, RSMo Supp. 1995, relating to environmental control, and to enact in lieu thereof one new section relating to the same subject.

     SB 702--By Lybyer.

     An Act to repeal sections 21.530, 21.535 and 21.537, RSMo 1994, relating to the joint committee on capital improvements oversight, and to enact in lieu thereof three new sections relating to the same subject.


     The following Bills and Joint Resolutions were read the second time and referred to the Committees indicated:

     SB 479--Judiciary.

     SB 480--Education.

     SB 481--Agriculture and Local Government.

     SB 482--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 483--Labor and Industrial Relations.

     SB 484--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 485--Education.

     SB 486--Ways and Means.

     SB 487--Conservation, Parks and Tourism.

     SB 488--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 489--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 490--Judiciary.

     SB 491--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 492--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 493--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 494--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 495--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 496--Education.

     SB 497--Conservation, Parks and Tourism.

     SB 498--Education.

     SB 499--Transportation.

     SB 500--Ways and Means.

     SB 501--Ethics.

     SB 502--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 503--Transportation.

     SB 504--Appropriations.

     SB 505--Appropriations.

     SB 506--Education.

     SB 507--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 508--Ways and Means.

     SB 509--Transportation.

     SB 510--Transportation.

     SB 511--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 512--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 513--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 514--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 515--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 516--Ways and Means.

     SB 517--Ways and Means.

     SB 518--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 519--Transportation.

     SB 520--Transportation.

     SB 521--Agriculture and Local Government.

     SB 522--Transportation.

     SB 523--Education.

     SB 524--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 525--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 526--Education.

     SB 527--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 528--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 529--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 530--Transportation.

     SB 531--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 532--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 533--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 534--Labor and Industrial Relations.

     SB 535--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 536--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 537--Judiciary.

     SB 538--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 539--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 540--Education.

     SB 541--Transportation.

     SB 542--Education.

     SB 543--Education.

     SB 544--Transportation.

     SB 545--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 546--Ways and Means.

     SB 547--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 548--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 549--Agriculture and Local Government.

     SB 550--Labor and Industrial Relations.

     SB 551--Ways and Means.

     SB 552--Judiciary.

     SB 553--Judiciary.

     SB 554--Education.

     SB 555--Aging, Families and Mental Health.

     SB 556--Ways and Means.

     SB 557--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 558--Transportation.

     SB 559--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 560--Transportation.

     SB 561--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 562--Education.

     SB 563--Education.

     SB 564--Education.

     SB 565--Labor and Industrial Relations.

     SB 566--Ways and Means.

     SB 567--Labor and Industrial Relations.

     SB 568--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 569--Aging, Families and Mental Health.

     SB 570--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 571--Transportation.

     SB 572--Education.

     SB 573--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 574--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 575--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 576--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 577--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 578--Appropriations.

     SB 579--Ways and Means.

     SB 581--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 582--Labor and Industrial Relations.

     SB 583--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 584--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 585--Ways and Means.

     SB 586--Transportation.

     SB 587--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 588--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 589--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 590--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 591--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 592--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 593--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 595--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 596--Judiciary.

     SB 597--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 598--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 599--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 600--Education.

     SB 601--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 602--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 603--Judiciary.

     SB 604--Aging, Families and Mental Health.

     SB 605--Education.

     SB 606--Education.

     SB 607--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 608--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 609--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 610--Judiciary.

     SB 611--Transportation.

     SB 612--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SB 613--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 614--Conservation, Parks and Tourism.

     SB 615--Education.

     SB 616--Transportation.

     SB 617--Transportation.

     SB 618--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 619--Judiciary.

     SB 620--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 621--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 622--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 623--Corrections and General Laws.

     SB 624--Appropriations.

     SB 625--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 626--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 627--Insurance and Housing.

     SB 628--Judiciary.

     SB 629--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 630--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 631--Commerce and Environment.

     SB 632--Transportation.

     SB 633--Public Health and Welfare.

     SB 634--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 635--Ways and Means.

     SB 636--Financial and Governmental Operations.

     SB 637--Transportation.

     SB 638--Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

     SB 639--Ways and Means.

     SB 640--Ways and Means.

     SB 671--Agriculture and Local Government.

     SJR 28--Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs.

     SJR 29--Agriculture and Local Government.

     SJR 30--Appropriations.

     SJR 31--Corrections and General Laws.

     SJR 32--Aging, Families and Mental Health.



Senator McKenna introduced to the Senate, Robert Ritter, Joanie Lockwood and Judy Stinsen, St. Louis.

     On motion of Senator Banks, the Senate adjourned until 4:00 p.m., Monday, January 8, 1996.