This Fiscal Note is not an official copy and should not be quoted or cited.
Fiscal Note - SB 0583 - Pilot Voter Information Project For Certain Elections
L.R. NO.  2383-01
BILL NO.  SB 583
SUBJECT:  Secretary of State: Elections
TYPE:     Original
DATE:     January 12, 1996

                              FISCAL SUMMARY


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997         FY 1998        FY 1999

General Revenue            ($268,368)              $0             $0

Total Estimated
Net Effect on All
State Funds                ($268,368)              $0             $0


FUND AFFECTED                FY 1997          FY 1998        FY 1999

Total Estimated
Net Effect on All
Federal Funds                     $0               $0             $0


FUND AFFECTED                FY 1997           FY 1998       FY 1999

Local Government                  $0                $0            $0

                              FISCAL ANALYSIS


Officials of the Office of Secretary of State (SOS) stated that the following
four areas would be chosen to represent urban and rural voters and would be
near state universities who would assist in the development of the report
required to be delivered to the General Assembly.  The four pilot areas
selected are Kansas City (197,152 registered voters), Boone County (100,000
voters), Cape Girardeau County (38,620 voters), and Lincoln County (17,264
voters).  Current totals of registered voters equal 353,036.  Officials
assume that by November 1996 elections, the total number of registered voters
would be 365,000.

Based on cost estimates submitted by Boone County election authorities, the
following cost per 1000 registered voters were figured to be $230.64.  The
cost estimates covers envelopes, paper, ballot printing, postage, computer,
labor mailroom, and sorting.  Total estimated voting cost for one election
would be $84,184 for 365,000 voters.  This proposal calls for the sample
ballot to be mailed and statistical analysis to be performed for both the
November 1996 and April 1997 elections, which would double the cost from
$84,184 to $168,368, ($84,184 x 2 elections).

Officials stated that to evaluate the effect of the sample ballot on voter
knowledge and turnout, and to compile and submit a report of the same to
designated bodies or officials would require professional statistical
expertise.  Officials assume that the Center for Advanced Social Research at
the University of Missouri, which has done several surveys for state
government would assist in this part of the project.  Cost estimates
submitted by University staff for questionnaire design, programming,
stratified random sample selection, telephone interviews, WATS line costs,
statistical analysis of the data, and the final report including the
electronic data file, would be $50,000 per election.  Total report cost for 2
elections would be $100,000.

Officials  assume that the total cost would be $168,368 for election cost and
$100,000 for study and report cost or $268,368 for 2 elections to be held in

FISCAL IMPACT - State Government     FY 1997     FY 1998     FY 1999
                                    (10 Mo.)


Cost - Secretary of State
  Election - Reimbursement
  to certain counties             ($168,368)          $0          $0

Cost - Secretary of State
  Evaluation Report - University
  of Missouri*                    ($100,000)          $0          $0

Total Cost to Secretary of State  ($268,368)          $0          $0

GENERAL REVENUE FUND              ($268,368)          $0          $0

*This proposal could have a positive fiscal impact to the Center for Advanced
Social Research at the University of Missouri.  For the purposes of this
fiscal note, no fiscal impact is reflected for the University of Missouri.

FISCAL IMPACT  - Local Government    FY 1997     FY 1998     FY 1999
                                    (10 Mo.)
Income to Certain Counties
  Election Expense Reimbursement
  from Secretary of State           $168,368          $0          $0

Cost to Certain Counties
  Election Expenses               ($168,368)          $0          $0

NET EFFECT TO CERTAIN COUNTIES            $0          $0          $0


This proposal requires the Secretary of State to select four test areas for a
voter information project for the November 1996 general election and the
April 1997 election.  Registered voters in the test areas will be mailed a
sample ballot two weeks before the election.   The election authority may
include an application for absentee ballot with the sample ballots.  The
Secretary of State will assess the effect of mailed ballots on voter
knowledge and turnout and shall submit a report to the Governor and the
General Assembly before December 31, 1997.  Any rules promulgated under this
act shall not be effective until they comply with the provisions of section
536.024, RSMo (subject to approval of the Joint Committee on Administrative

This legislation is not federally mandated, would not duplicate any other
program and would not require additional capital improvements or rental


Secretary of State