This Fiscal Note is not an official copy and should not be quoted or cited.
Fiscal Note - SB 0701 - No Permits Issued for Landfills Within 2 Miles of a Municip.
L.R. NO.  2222-01
BILL NO.  SB 701
SUBJECT:  Location of landfills
TYPE:     Original
DATE:     February 5, 1996

                              FISCAL SUMMARY


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997         FY 1998        FY 1999

None                               $0              $0             $0

Total Estimated
Net Effect on All
State Funds                        $0              $0             $0


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997         FY 1998        FY 1999

None                               $0              $0             $0

Total Estimated
Net Effect on All
Federal Funds                      $0              $0             $0


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997         FY 1998        FY 1999

Local Government            (Unknown)       (Unknown)      (Unknown)

                              FISCAL ANALYSIS


The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) assumes there are only four cities
in the state with populations over 100,000, St. Louis, Kansas City,
Springfield, and Independence.  Of those, only Independence has groundwater
as its primary source of drinking water.

DNR assumes Independence uses the Missouri River alluvial aquifer, which is a
continuous aquifer for the Iowa boarder to its mouth at the Mississippi.  The
boundaries of the aquifer coincide with the river bluffs lining both sides of
the floodplain.  Therefore as a result of this proposal, DNR assumes
landfills are excluded from the Missouri River flood plain, and prohibited
within two miles of the Missouri river bluffs.  DNR assumed the proposal
would require a more intensive investigation of each site located in this
area.  Therefore, DNR assumed they would request .5 Geologist I/II.

Additionally, if populations in other major cities increase or primary water
sources change, the DNR may be required to do more intense investigations of
each proposed or existing landfill site in the effected area to determine a
relationship with the underlying aquifer.

Officials of the DNR assume that Solid Waste Management Fund revenues would
not be substantially impacted by this proposal.  Landfills could be
established in other locations in Missouri.  Some impact to the fund may be
felt if solid waste collectors located near the Missouri boarder would
transport the solid waste directly to landfills outside Missouri rather than
use a transfer station.

Oversight assumed for purposes of this fiscal note that DNR could rearrange
the duties of existing Geologist I/II staff to perform any new duties
resulting from this proposal.

Officials of the St. Louis - Jefferson Solid Waste Management District
assumed that this proposal would prohibit landfills in most of the state and
could cost their district $1.2 million annually.  Lake Ozark Solid Waste
Management District did not anticipate any fiscal impact.

Officials from the City of Columbia assumed this proposal would result in the
shut-down of the City of Columbia's landfill.  Relocation of the cities
landfill is estimated to be several million dollars.

Oversight assumes other cities and solid waste management districts could be
impacted and has therefore reflected an unknown cost to local governments.

FISCAL IMPACT - State Government     FY 1997     FY 1998     FY 1999
                                    (10 Mo.)

                                          $0          $0          $0

FISCAL IMPACT - Local Government     FY 1997     FY 1998     FY 1999
                                    (10 Mo.)

                                   (Unknown)   (Unknown)   (Unknown)


This act prohibits the issuing of a permit for a sanitary landfill located
within two miles of any unconfined water aquifer which is the primary source
of human drinking water of a municipality with over 100,000 inhabitants.

This legislation is not federally mandated, would not duplicate any other
program and would not require additional capital improvements or rental


Department of Natural Resources
St. Louis - Jefferson Solid Waste Management District
Lake Ozark Solid Waste Management District
City of Columbia, Missouri