This Fiscal Note is not an official copy and should not be quoted or cited.
Fiscal Note - SB 0554 - Allows Child Development Training Centers in Colleges
L.R. NO.  1944-01
BILL NO.  SB 554
SUBJECT:  Higher Education:  Child development centers
TYPE:     Original
DATE:     January 8, 1996

                              FISCAL SUMMARY


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997        FY 1998         FY 1999

General Revenue             ($77,866)      ($58,139)       ($59,630)

Total Estimated
Net Effect on All
State Funds                 ($77,866)      ($58,139)       ($59,630)


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997        FY 1998         FY 1999

None                               $0             $0              $0

Total Estimated
Net Effect on All
Federal Funds                      $0             $0              $0


FUND AFFECTED                 FY 1997        FY 1998         FY 1999

Local Government                   $0             $0              $0

                              FISCAL ANALYSIS


Officials from Truman State University, Missouri Western State College,
Moberly Area Community College, Central Missouri State University, St.
Charles County Community College and University of Missouri assume the
proposal would result in no fiscal impact to them.

Officials from the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) assume they
would need one FTE Research Associate ($32,800, annually) with child
development expertise.  The research associate would be responsible for
implementing the legislation, including guiding the establishment of the
centers, developing guidelines for clinical training programs and parenting
classes, ensuring the participation of student government associations in the
centers and providing guidance on receipt and management of funds.  The
research associate would present the rules to the Coordinating Board for
approval.  The CBHE states potentially all twenty-five of the public two- and
four-year colleges and universities could establish such a center.

Officials from the Department of Health (DOH) assume the proposal would
increase the number of child care centers required to be inspected and
licensed by the Department of Health.  They assume many of the facilities
would be large centers requiring additional consultation and on-site
technical assistance to meet licensing rules and regulations.  They estimate
20-40 new sites would be licensed.   The DOH estimates that one additional
Child Care Licensing Representative would be needed to handle the increased
caseload.  They also assume one Clerk Typist II would be required to provide
clerical support to handle and process the required licensing forms, records,
and licenses, as well as related phone duties.

The Oversight Division has reduced the CBHE FTE by 50% in the years
subsequent to FY 97, assuming the rules would be completed in FY 97.   The
Oversight Division has also reduced the DOH FTE and related supplies and
travel by 50% because according to the CBHE twenty-five public colleges and
universities exist, and DOH's estimate is based on 20-40 new sites licensed.
Also, according to the responses received by Oversight from colleges and
universities to the fiscal note request, some of them already have centers
currently in operation.

FISCAL IMPACT - State Government     FY 1997     FY 1998     FY 1999
                                    (10 Mo.)


Cost-Coordinating Board For Higher Education
  Personal Service (1 FTE,
  1/2 FTE, 1/2 FTE)                ($27,333)   ($16,810)   ($17,230)
  Fringe Benefits                    (8,397)     (5,164)     (5,293)
  Expense and Equipment              (4,635)       (674)       (694)
Total Cost-CBHE                    ($40,365)   ($22,648)   ($23,217)

Cost-Department of Health
  Personal Service (1 FTE)         ($17,582)   ($21,635)   ($22,175)
  Fringe Benefits                    (5,401)     (6,646)     (6,812)
  Expense and Equipment             (14,518)     (7,210)     (7,426)
Total Cost-DOH                     ($37,501)   ($35,491)   ($36,413)

GENERAL REVENUE FUND               ($77,866)   ($58,139)   ($59,630)

FISCAL IMPACT - Local Government     FY 1997     FY 1998     FY 1999
                                    (10 Mo.)

                                          $0          $0          $0


The proposal would allow colleges and universities to establish child
development training centers.  Each child development training center would
be a child care center to provide child care during the day, primarily for
children of students who demonstrate financial need.  The centers could
charge fees for services, and institutions could transfer funds from the
general fund for the centers' operations.

The Coordinating Board for Higher Education would be required to adopt rules
for the establishment, operation and supervision of the child development
training centers.

This legislation is not federally mandated, would not duplicate any other
program and would not require additional capital improvements or rental


Coordinating Board for Higher Education
Department of Health
Truman State University
Moberly Area Community College
University of Missouri
Missouri Western State College
Central Missouri State University
St. Charles County Community College

NOT RESPONDING:  Southwest Missouri State University, Northwest Missouri
State University, State Fair Community College, Missouri Southern State
College, Harris- Stowe College, Southeast Missouri State University, Lincoln
University, North Central Missouri College, Jefferson College, Crowder
College, East Central College, Metropolitan Community College, Mineral Area
College, St. Louis Community College, Three Rivers Community College