SB 0867 Commercial Feed Law
LR Number:S3244.02I Fiscal Note:3244-02
Committee:Agriculture and Local Government
Last Action:02/14/96 - Hearing Conducted S Agriculture & Local Government Committ
Effective Date:January 1, 1997
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Current Bill Summary

SB 867- This act makes numerous changes to the Commercial Feed Law including:

(1) Any person acting as an independent consultant must obtain a license from the Department of Agriculture.

(2) A product is considered to be misbranded if it is not appropriate for its intended or purported use.

(3) The Department's authority is expanded to allow action to be taken if any product is found to be adulterated. A product is considered to be adulterated if it contains any filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance, or if it is otherwise found to be unfit for feed.

(4) Stronger action may be taken against companies by suspending or revoking licenses when there is just cause.

(5) Customer-formula feed sampling is expanded and chemical analysis results are to be provided to the customer.

(6) The annual report containing information about sales of commercial feeds, data on such feeds production, and use and results of the analyses of official samples of commercial feeds sold within the state will be provided to all distributors of feed, feed dealers, and others free of charge.

(7) After inquiry and opportunity for a hearing, the Director of the Department of Agriculture may assess civil penalties not to exceed $1,000 for each violation for serious and repeat offenders of the feed law and may order restitution be made to any person. Any person aggrieved by an act, order or ruling made pursuant to the provisions of this act may appeal pursuant to the provisions in chapter 536, RSMo.

(8) Pet food and specialty pet food inspection fees are increased.

The act becomes effective January 1, 1997.