SB 0845 Voting Procedure For Levee Districts in Certain Counties
LR Number:S3152.03T Fiscal Note:3152-03
Committee:Corrections and General Laws
Last Action:07/09/96 - Signed by Governor
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 845 - Currently, voting in an alternative levee district within a levee district with at least $25 million assessed valuation in St. Louis County must be based on a per assessed valuation formula. This act changes the voting formula.

Voting shall be based on one vote per $10,000 of assessed benefits, rounded down. Property owners with assessed benefits of less than $10,000 shall be entitled to one vote.

After readjustment of the assessment of benefits, the board of supervisors of the levy district shall reapportion and levy on each tract of property in proportion to the adjusted assessment of benefits.