SB 0786 Parental Choice in Education Act
LR Number:L2990.01 Fiscal Note:2990-01
Last Action:02/13/96 - Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
Effective Date:Provisional
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Current Bill Summary

SB 786 - This act may be cited as the "Parental Choice in Education Act".

This act provides for a pilot program of scholarships for any school age child residing in the city of St. Louis, Normandy School District or Kansas City Missouri School District to attend either a public or private school within the district of residence and to receive a state-funded scholarship. Such scholarships shall not constitute taxable income. The act includes requirements for eligibility of pupils to participate based upon family income, prior enrollment of the pupil and attendance at a qualifying school. The act includes qualifications which a participating private school must satisfy. Transportation for pupils attending private schools under the act shall be provided by the school board of the district in which the pupil resides.

The act establishes the Division of Nonpublic Education within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Duties of the Division shall include monitoring performance of pupils attending private schools under this act, creating a Pupil Assessment Council, conducting financial and performance audits of the program, informing pupils and parents of participating private schools and providing reports on the program to the General Assembly and each participating private school. The act contains a referendum clause.

Upon application by the pupil or parent, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall pay to the private school a payment which is at least half of the per pupil state aid entitlement of the public school district.

Beginning with the first tax year following adoption of the act, there shall be a deduction from Missouri adjusted gross income equal to the amount of any scholarship received under the act.

The act contains a referendum clause.