SB 0776 Registration of Pharmacy Technicians
LR Number:L2737.01I Fiscal Note:2737-01
Committee:Public Health and Welfare
Last Action:02/19/96 - Voted Do Pass S Public Health & Welfare Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 776 - This act establishes provisions for the registration of pharmacy technicians with the Board of Pharmacy. Those assisting a registered pharmacist may do so for a period of up to sixty days provided they have submitted an application for registration and paid the required fees. The Board of Pharmacy need not collect fees for testing if the fees are paid by applicants for registration or those already registered directly to a testing service and if no part of the fee is remitted to the board from the testing service.

In addition, the period that pharmacies must keep files is reduced from five years to three years. This act also contains provisions that protect those who offer the Board of Pharmacy information in good faith from civil action, and that permit courts to issue injunctions enjoining those who are engaged in practices that have a probability of serious danger to the health, safety, or welfare of any citizen, client, or patient.