SB 0757 Water Pollution Control Projects
LR Number:L2718.02T Fiscal Note:2718-02
Last Action:07/12/96 - Vetoed by Governor
Title:HS/SB 757
Effective Date:VARIES
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Current Bill Summary

HS/SB 757 - Provisions of Chapters 386 and 393, RSMo, are amended to permit joint municipal utility commissions to contract between participating cities and sewer districts for the provision of sewer services, in addition to water, gas and electric services. A untiity commission is prohibited from selling water within the jurisdiction of a privately owned water company unless it is also within the boundaries of a contracting municipality or public water supply district. These provisions become effective upon voter approval of a constitutional amendment relating to the authority of joint municipal unility commissions.

The Board of Fund Commissioners is authorized to issue an additional $15 million in bonds for water pollution control projects.

A publicly owned treatment works is not responsible for users' pressure sewer system, inlcuding grinder pumps and lateral service.

The act amends existing law relating to funding of storm water projects by limiting state funding for such projects to counties of the first classification (St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, Boone, Jackson, Clay, Platte, Buchanan, Jasper and Greene) and Kansas City and the City of St. Louis. These provisions are contingent upon the passage of a constitutional amendment authorizing the issuance of additional water pollution control bonds.

The terms for members of the board of directors for not-for- profit corporations is extended from five to six years.