SB 0740 Emergency Response: Compact, Commission, Fire Department
LR Number:S2748.02T Fiscal Note:2748-02
Committee:Interstate Cooperation
Last Action:07/02/96 - Signed by Governor
Title:SS/SB 740
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SB 740 - This act would include Missouri in the "Emergency Mutual Aid Compact". Provisions are also added for the Emergency Response Commission and for certain fire departments.

COMPACT - This Compact is an agreement between participating states for the purpose of providing mutual assistance in managing an emergency or disaster declared by the Governor of the affected state. The act provides for cooperation in emergency related exercises including the use of equipment, personnel, and National Guard forces.

RESPONSIBILITIES - Each state in the compact is responsible for reviewing individual emergency plans and developing mechanisms for the provision of assistance during emergencies. The party state shall review possible hazards, review emergency plans, fill any gaps and resolve inconsistencies, assist in warning communities near state boundaries, protect critical human services, set procedures for use of resources, and suspend laws that restrict these responsibilities.

LIMITATIONS - States may withhold resources as necessary for their own protection. Emergency forces stay under the command of their regular leaders, but under the operational control of the state receiving assistance.

OTHER - Provisions are included in the compact to honor the professional licenses, certificates, and permits of those giving assistance, to limit the liability of those providing assistance, for the payment of compensation and death benefits, and to reimburse any party state rendering aid to another state pursuant to the compact. The compact goes into effect upon its enactment by any two states.

REVIEW BY GENERAL ASSEMBLY - All interstate mutual aid plans developed shall be subject to approval by the General Assembly by concurrent resolution. If not in session, the plans shall terminate if not approved within 30 days after the convening of session.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE COMMISSION - This Missouri Commission shall no longer be located in the Division of Fire Safety, though it remains in the Department of Public Safety.

FIRE DEPARTMENTS - Various fire departments are allowed to provide assistance to bordering states in emergencies.