SB 0699 Regulates Alarm & Security Businesses
LR Number:S2667.01I Fiscal Note:2667-01
Committee:Corrections and General Laws
Last Action:01/23/96 - Hearing Conducted S Corrections & General Laws Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 699 - This act amends Chapter 650, RSMo, by adding 14 new sections relating to the regulation of security and alarm systems, with penalty provisions.

Section 650.325 defines relevant terms. Sections 650.327 and 650.329 require all persons to register with and be certified by the newly created Missouri Private Security Alarm Business Registration Board. Board membership criteria is also detailed.

Sections 650.330, 650.332, 650.339 and 650.341 provide the Board with powers and authority to perform various tasks including the promulgation of rules, the examination of applicants, and the registration of persons and entities engaged in the alarm business.

Section 650.334 details the criteria applicants must satisfy before they can be registered with the Board. Section 650.337 authorizes the Board to set fees and place same in the newly created Missouri Private Security Alarm Business Registration Fund. Section 650.343 allows the Board to file a complaint with the Administrative Hearing Commission for a variety of detailed causes, and allows the Board to request that the Attorney General seek injunctive relief in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Section 650.345 provides whistle blower protection, and sections 650.347 and 650.349 preempts most county and local ordinances, rules and regulations.

Section 650.350 provides that a violation of this act is a Class A misdemeanor.