SB 0695 Rights & Responsibilities of Hotel Operators & Guests
LR Number:L1938.02C Fiscal Note:1958-02
Committee:Conservation, Parks and Tourism
Last Action:05/28/96 - H Calendar S Bills for Third Reading w/HCS
Title:HCS/SB 695
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 695 - This act amends Chapter 315, RSMo, which relates to hotel, motel and resort regulations.

Section 315.067 lists five reasons why a hotel operator can refuse accommodations to a prospective guest, including inability to pay, visible intoxication and creation of an unreasonable danger. A hotel is defined as a lodging establishment pursuant to section 315.005(4).

Section 315.069 allows a hotel operator to require a prospective guest to demonstrate an ability to pay for the accommodations. This section also allows the hotel operator to require a parent/guardian of a prospective minor guest to supply a security deposit or be financially responsible for any damages caused by the minor guest.

Section 315.072 allows a court of competent jurisdiction to order a guest or parent/guardian of a minor guest to pay restitution to a hotel operator for loss of revenue, physical damages and personal injury damages.

Section 315.075 lists five reasons why a hotel operator may remove a guest from the hotel, including nonpayment, intoxication, public nuisance and creation of an unreasonable danger such as possession of explosives.

Section 315.077 requires hotel operators to post hotel rules and the provisions of this act in a conspicuous place.

Section 315.079 allows a hotel operator to require that a prospective guest provide a valid form of identification. The provision that requires hotel operators to maintain guest registers for a period of three years has been eliminated.