SB 0669 Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspections for Certain Areas
LR Number:S2639.01P Fiscal Note:2639-01
Committee:Commerce and Environment
Last Action:04/23/96 - Hearing Conducted H Motor Vehicle & Traffic Regulations Co
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 669 - This act modifies the motor vehicle emission inspection program for the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. The inspections were mandated in SB 590, 1994, but have not been implemented. SB 590 required the Department to contract with a person or persons for vehicle emission inspections and such persons were prohibited from performing any other work at the inspection station, such as vehicle repair. This act allows the Department to license inspection stations and these stations are prohibited from performing other services. Inspectors and emission repair technicians must be certified by the Air Conservation Commission.

SB 590 delayed the implementation of new vehicle testing procedures until after termination of a suit filed by the State of Missouri against the Environmental Protection Agency contesting the constitutionality of the sanctions contained in the federal Clean Air Act. The act does not change this provision of SB 590.

The act requires the Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Highway Patrol to enter into an interagency agreement cavering all aspects of the administration and enforcement of the current BAR90 emissions inspection and any enhanced emissions inspection implemented under Chapter 643, RSMo.

The testing exemption for an enhanced emissions inspection from vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than eight thousand five hundred pounds is removed.

Any first class, non-charter county with a population of at least eighty thousand persons shall be exempt from the state open burning restriction rule until such county reaches a population of at least one hundred thousand persons.

The act restricts establishment of the enhanced emissions inspection program to the urbanized portion of the St. Louis nonattainment area, as determined by the local metropolitan planning organization.

The act contains penalty provisions.