SB 0612 Voters Must Approve Changes to or Repeal of Petition
LR Number:S2033.01I Fiscal Note:2033-01
Committee:Elections, Pensions and Veterans' Affairs
Last Action:01/17/96 - Hearing Cancelled S Elections, Pensions & Vet. Affairs Com
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 612 - This act requires that when a voter-approved statewide ballot measure is amended or repealed at any time by the General Assembly, the proposal shall be resubmitted to the voters.

Voter approval is required before the measure which was changed by the General Assembly can become effective.

The General Assembly can overcome this provision by including language in specific legislation exempting this act (i.e., "section 116.023 notwithstanding").

This act is identical to SB 68 (1995).