SB 0503 Revises Motor Vehicle Speed Limits
LR Number:S2312.03P Fiscal Note:2312-03
Last Action:05/28/96 - 001 S Calendar S Bills for Third Reading (In BC)
Effective Date:Emergency Clause
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Current Bill Summary

SS#2/SB 503 - This act revises the speed limits for Missouri. The federal limit of 55 mph is repealed, and the limits in effect prior to 1974 are revised as follows:

PRE-1974 LIMITS: SB 503:

Cars: Divided 70 mph 70 mph Federal routes

Cars: Undivided 70 mph daytime 60 mph Federal 65 mph night

Cars: State 65 mph daytime 70 mph 4-lane Highways 60 mph night 60 mph 2-lane

Trucks: 60 mph 65 mph 4-lane 60 mph 2-lane

The Department of Highways and Transportation may lower or raise a speed limit if requested to do so by a city or county, but only if in accordance with an engineering study and after public hearings.

The act has an emergency clause, to take effect when the Governor signs it or on April 2, 1996, whichever occurs later. Missouri's previous limits will go into effect on April 3, 1996 if there is no legislative action.