SB 0727 Allows for Release of Confiden. Records to Specific People
01/08/96S First Read
01/15/96Referred S Public Health & Welfare Committee
01/22/96Hearing Conducted S Public Health & Welfare Committee
02/15/96Voted Do Pass S Public Health & Welfare Committee-Consent
02/20/96Reported From S Public Health Com. to Floor - Consent (p. 238)
02/28/96S Third Read and Passed - Consent (p. 307)
02/29/96H First Read
03/07/96Referred H Social Services, Medicaid & the Elderly Committee
03/19/96Hearing Conducted H Social Services Committee
04/09/96Bill Taken From Committee(Art. III, Sec. 22, MO Const./H Rule 36)
05/28/96Bill From Committee Per Constitution
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