SJR 022 Raises soil tax to 1/5; includes storm water & local parks
Committee:CONSLR Number:L0566.01I
Last Action:02/21/95 - Hearing Conducted S Ways & Means Committee
Effective Date:Indefinite
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Current Bill Summary

OTTO FAJEN SJR 22 - Subject to voter approval, this joint resolution would expand the soil and parks tax to include storm water control and local parks for counties and municipalities. The current tax levy of 1/10th of 1% would also be raised to 1/5th of 1%.

The distribution of the money raised under this resolution would be as follows:

1) 25% for state parks;

2) 25% for soil and water;

3) 25% for storm water control, to be spent pursuant to existing law;

4) 25% for local parks, to be allocated among all counties in the state based on population (St. Louis City to be counted as a county). In each county, the money shall be divided among the cities in each county, based on population. RONALD J. LEONE