SB 0453 All Real Estate Appraisers to be Licensed or Certified
Committee:FINALR Number:S1616.01I
Last Action:04/11/95 - Voted Do Pass S Financial & Governmental Operations Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 453 - This act amends Missouri's real estate appraiser's laws by requiring that all persons engaged in the business of real estate appraisal be licensed or certified by the state. Currently, people who are appraising real property for compensation may voluntarily decide to obtain state licensure or certification.

A person who is not licensed or certified may aid in the performance of an appraisal as long as the appraisal report is reviewed and signed by a licensed or certified real estate appraiser. A person would not need to obtain a license or certification if that person is: (1) performing an appraisal on property they own; (2) preparing an appraisal for a comparative market analysis for a listing; or (3) a governmental employee who performs appraisals within the scope of employment and who is not required to be licensed or certified.

The act defines the various types of certification and licensing and the requirements necessary to obtain such certification or licensing. RONALD J. LEONE