SB 0452 Student Nurse Loans; Phys. Asst.; P. Therapists; Denistry
Committee:EDUCLR Number:L1143.01T
Last Action:06/13/95 - Signed by Governor (w/EC)
Effective Date:Emergency Claus
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Current Bill Summary

SB 452 - NURSING STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM - The act would remove the sunset on new contracts for loans or loan repayments made pursuant to sections 335.212 to 335.242, RSMo, between qualified nursing students and the Department of Health. Under current law, no new contracts for these loans will be available after June 30, 1995.

The act also specifies that the nursing licensing and renewal fees are to be paid on an annual basis. The fee is one dollar for practical nurses and five dollars for professional nurses.

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT - The practice as physician assistant is established, and registration by the State Board of Healing Arts is required. The State Board may issue temporary permits for practice as a physician assistant without an examination upon payment of fee and filing of required information by the applicant.

The act has an emergency clause for the portion pertaining to nursing loans and the portion pertaining to physicians' assistants.

NURSING PRACTICES - The act allows for licensing reciprocity with other states and makes several technical changes to state nursing law. The State Board of Nursing may issue a license to an applicant for license as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Professional Nurse (RPN) provided the applicant is approved by the Board and has passed an examination as required by the Board. The minimum age requirement of eighteen years for LPNs is removed.

Any person whose license is revoked by the Board of Nursing shall wait at least one year to apply for relicensure.

This portion of the act is similar to HB 105 from 1995.

DENTISTRY - A qualified dentist or dental hygienist authorized to practice in another state may practice in this state without examination or payment of a fee to the Missouri Dental Board, provided the person has not been refused licensure or had licensure suspended or revoked by the Dental Board, provided that such practice is limited to free dental services provided for a summer camp for not more than fourteen days in a calendar year.

This portion is similar to HB 592 from 1995.

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS - This act limits the number of times that a person may sit for a physical therapist examination, permits certain physical therapists licensed in other jurisdictions to be licensed without examination, and changes temporary licensing provisions.

Under the act, if a person has failed any physical therapist licensing exam in another state three or more times, that person shall not be issued a permanent license to practice physical therapy, nor shall that person be permitted to sit for the physical therapy exam in Missouri.

A physical therapist licensed in another jurisdiction, who applies for a Missouri license shall be licensed without examination if the other jurisdiction has licensing requirements equal to or greater than Missouri's requirements, and if that person has no violations, suspensions or revocations in any jurisdiction. A person meeting these requirements shall pay the same fee as applicants who apply for examination. The Board of Registration for the Healing Arts may negotiate reciprocal compacts with other state licensing boards for the admission of physical therapists licensed in Missouri.

This act also changes provisions for the temporary licensing of physical therapists. A first-time applicant by exam may obtain a temporary license subject to supervision of a licensed physical therapist. If the applicant fails to sit for the next scheduled exam and can show good and exceptional cause, the temporary license may be renewed one time.

This portion of the act is similar to SB 294.