SB 0423 Eliminates various obsolete boards and commissions
Committee:FINALR Number:S1536.02P
Last Action:04/13/95 - Referred H Governmental Organizations & Review Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 423 - This act repeals the following:

1. Missouri Commission on Interstate Cooperation (Chapter 16);

2. Missouri Commission on Local government (Chapter 17);

3. Missouri Commission on Energy (Chapter 18);

4. State Reorganization Commission (Sen. Danner's bill; was to have reported by April 1994) (Chapter 21);

5. Advisory Committees within the Department of Social Services: High Risk Obstetrical Patient Advisory Committee; High Risk Pediatric Patient Advisory Committee; Facilities and Special Services Committee (Chapter 189);

6. DOH advisory panel on hospital internships and a program authorizing the use of state funds to enhance family practice training programs (Chapter 191);

7. A nursing homes standards advisory task force (Chapter 198);

8. An advisory panel on crippled children within DOSS (Chapter 201);

9. A DFS advisory panel on the medical needs of recipients of public assistance (Chapter 208);

10. Several bridge commissions for bridges which were never built over the Mississippi (Chapter 226, 234);

11. The Governor's Council on Community Affairs (Chapter 250);

12. The Advisory Commission on Insurance (Chapter 374);

13. The Interstate Mining Commission (Chapter 444);

14. The Mining Practices Advisory Council (Chapter 444);

15. The Public Telecommunications Interconnection Authority in DED (Chapter 620);

16. The Productivity Institute within DED (Chapter 620);

17. The Missouri Rail Facility Improvement Authority (Chapter 620);

18. The International Economic Development Exchange Program (Chapter 620);

19. The State Advisory Council on Client Affairs, DMH (Chapter 630); and

20. The Missouri Coal Commission (Section 640.275);

This bill is almost the same as HB 574. RONALD J. LEONE