SB 0421 Various Changes Relating To County Planning
Committee:AGRILR Number:S1534.04T
Last Action:06/16/95 - Vetoed by Governor
Title:CCS#2/SB 421
Effective Date:EC For Election
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/SB 421 - This act makes numerous changes to county planning and zoning.

ELECTION - At the present time, Section 64.211, RSMo, provides that the county commission of a first class noncharter county may submit the question of establishing county planning to the voters at any general election.

This act will allow the question to be submitted at any regularly scheduled election authorized under Section 115.123, RSMo.

The section has an emergency clause.

CENTRAL FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES LEVY - Extends the levy for establishing a joint central fire and emergency dispatching service, currently available only to St. Charles County, to all fire protection districts in the state. Also contained in CCS/SS#2/HCS/HBs 484, 199 & 72.

STATE AGENCIES SUBJECT TO ZONING CODES - State agencies, including colleges and universities, that acquire real or personal property, shall be subject to building permits, fire safety and zoning codes of the political subdivision in which the property is located.

PLANNING AND ZONING AROUND LAKES - Counties bordering a lake with at least 275 miles of shoreline may propose creating a planning and zoning commission for the areas of the county bordering the lake. Any proposal must be approved by a vote of the people of the county. Planning and zoning districts would extend from one to five miles from either the six hundred forty- five foot mark of the lake measured from mean sea level for the Lake of the Ozark or the low water mark as determined by the Corps of Engineers for all other lakes. An incorporated city, town or village which has adopted planning and zoning, as well as any agricultural or horticultural property, shall be exempt from the planning and zoning provisions adopted pursuant to this act.

The district planning commission shall consist of the county highway engineer and at least one property owner from each township in the district.

No regulation adopted by these sections shall apply to any existing property use.

This section is similar to SB 18.

COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION - SECOND AND THIRD CLASS - The county commission of any county of the second or third classification may create a county planning commission for the unincorporated portion of the county.