SB 0407 Limits incineration of hazardous waste/weapons production
Committee:COMMLR Number:L1434.05T
Last Action:05/16/95 - Signed by Governor (w/EC)
Title:HCS/SB 407
Effective Date:Emergency Claus
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 407 - DISPOSAL OF WEAPONS WASTES - The act prohibits the U.S. Department of Defense from incinerating or disposing of any hazardous substance resulting from environmental cleanup activities at certain facilities not currently involved in the production of weapons (currently applicable to the Weldon Spring Ordinance Works in St. Charles County) at a different site from the site where the waste was produced. The act also limits such incineration to a total of five years following completion of the test burn.

The act contains an emergency clause for the provisions relating to waste from weapons production.

LIMITED IMMUNITY FOR OIL SPILL CLEANUP - The act also provides limited immunity for a person for oil spill removal costs or damages resulting from actions by the person while involved in an oil spill cleanup under the supervision of the responsible federal or state official at the site. This immunity does not apply to the "responsible party" who caused the spill, nor to personal injury, wrongful death, negligence or willful misconduct.