SB 0398 Motor vehicle emissions inspec./low emissions tune-up waiver
Committee:TRANLR Number:L1458.01I
Last Action:03/07/95 - Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 398 - Current law provides that a vehicle owner of a vehicle which fails a state motor vehicle emissions inspection test must repair the vehicle to pass the test or provide an affidavit showing that repair expenses have been incurred which exceed the waiver amount (which amount may not exceed $75 for pre-1981 models and nor exceed $200 for later models).

The act provides that, until Sept. 1, 1997, the owner of a failing vehicle may receive a waiver from the requirement to pass the emissions test if the vehicle has received a "low emissions tune-up", which includes only engine adjustments to manufacturer's specifications. After Sept. 1, 1997, the requirements of existing law regarding waivers will be reimposed.

The act also provides that no centralized, enhanced motor vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) program may begin prior to September 1, 1997. Current law authorizes the Air Conservation Commission to establish such a program by rule for certain air quality "nonattainment areas", currently including the St. Louis metropolitan area, unless imposition of sanctions under the federal Clean Air Act by the Environmental Protection Agency has been restrained or enjoined by a federal court.