SB 0393 Division of Transportation
Committee:TRANLR Number:L1476.01I
Last Action:02/20/95 - Referred S Transportation Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 393 - This act revises the laws applicable to the Division of Transportation within the Department of Economic Development. Some changes are in accordance with recent federal law.

SCOPE OF AUTHORITY - The Division of Transportation's authority is restricted in several ways. Its regulation of motor carriers is limited to passengers and household goods. It may also regulate proof of liability insurance and motor carrier licenses. Regulations shall be in accordance with the "single state registration system" under federal law.

References in Chapters 386 and 387, RSMO, pertaining to the regulation of motor carriers and railroads by the Public Service Commission are deleted. Railroad regulation by the Division of Transportation is limited to that allowed under federal law.

ENFORCEMENT - Every motor carrier shall designate the Director of the Division of Transportation or some other person in Missouri as agent for service of process.

DOCUMENTS - The Director may destroy records that are over 5 years old in the presence of a member of the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST - Administrative law judges may not hold positions in regulated companies. Division of Transportation personnel may not suggest appointments to positions at regulated companies, and regulated companies may not offer positions, free transportation or gifts to the Division. Civil and criminal penalties are provided.