SB 0381 Revises academic performance standards, assessm. & reporting
Committee:EDUCLR Number:S1351.01I
Last Action:02/13/95 - Referred S Education Committee
Effective Date:Emergency Claus
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Current Bill Summary

SB 381 - This act amends state law providing for academic performance standards and assessments, as established in SB 380 from 1993.

Academic performance standards shall be organized by content area and grade level and shall include memorized information, core competencies and key skills. The work groups convened to establish the standards shall include teachers selected based on recommendations of administrators, not teacher's organizations as provided in current law.

The assessment system shall permit comparisons of schools by grade and schoolwide in each content area against district, state and national norms. The assessment system shall include existing tests (such as MMAT). The State board shall compile an annual report including the average score in each grade and content area of each public school in the state.

The act contains an emergency clause.