SB 0370 Changes certain licensing requirements for nurses
Committee:PUBHLR Number:S1379.01I
Last Action:03/13/95 - Hearing Conducted S Public Health & Welfare Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 370 - This act changes certain licensing requirements for nurses.

This act removes the minimum age requirement for licensing of registered professional nurses and practical nurses, adds the requirement that persons applying for practical nurse licenses shall have completed a board-approved course on the role of the practical nurse, and requires persons who have had their licenses revoked to wait one year before applying for relicensure.

Under this act, any person or organization who, in good faith, reports violations of the statutes relating to nursing is immune from an action for civil damages.

Also under this act, the Board of Nursing shall cease collection of the education surcharge (Section 335.221) when the Department of Health ceases to provide assistance to eligible recipients under the Nursing Student Loan Program (Sections 335.212 to 335.242).

These act deletes Section 335.041, which provides that all nurses licensed on January 21, 1976 shall continue to be licensed until expiration of the license, at which time they may renew in accordance with Sections 335.011 to 335.096.

This act is similar to portions of HB 1209 from 1994.