SB 0294 Certain Professions Licensed/Regul. by Bd. of Healing Arts
Committee:PUBHLR Number:S1220.01I
Last Action:03/06/95 - Voted Do Pass S Public Health & Welfare Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 294 - This act limits the number of times that a person may sit for a physical therapist examination, permits certain physical therapists licensed in other jurisdictions to be licensed without examination, and changes temporary licensing provisions.

Under current law, a person may not practice physical therapy without a license. To obtain a physical therapy license, a person must meet certain requirements, one of them being satisfactory performance on the physical therapy examination. Practicing physical therapy without a license, or falsely representing oneself as a physical therapist, is a Class B misdemeanor.

Under this act, if a person has failed any physical therapist licensing exam in any state or territory of the United States or District of Columbia three or more times, that person shall not be issued a permanent license to practice physical therapy, nor shall that person be permitted to sit for the physical therapy exam in Missouri.

Also under this act, a physical therapist licensed in another jurisdiction, who applies for a Missouri license shall be licensed without examination, if the other jurisdiction has licensing requirements equal to or greater than Missouri's requirements, and if that person has no violations, suspensions or revocations in any jurisdiction. A person meeting these requirements must pay the same fee as applicants who apply for examination. The Board of Registration for the Healing Arts may negotiate reciprocal compacts with other state licensing boards for the admission of physical therapists licensed in Missouri.

This act also changes provisions for the temporary licensing of physical therapists. A first-time applicant by exam may obtain a temporary license subject to supervision of a licensed physical therapist. If the applicant fails to sit for the next scheduled exam and can show good and exceptional cause, the temporary license may be renewed one time.

The provisions of this act were truly agreed to in SB 452.