SB 0289 Peace officer training
Committee:CIVILR Number:L0998.01I
Last Action:02/22/95 - Bill Combined w/SCS/SB 387 & 289
Title:SCS/SB 387 & 289
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 289 - This act makes several changes in provisions related to peace officer standards and training.

(1) Bailiffs who are not certified peace officers before August 28, 1995, must complete a minimum of sixty hours of mandated training.

(2) The provisions crediting any seminar, educational program or schooling approved by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission and completed by a peace officer, toward the four hundred and seventy hours of required training, is removed.

(3) The Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission may, by rule, provide for the reciprocal recognition of equivalent entry level core basic training which is completed at specified training centers. Additional training prior to certification may be required by the Commission.

The Director may promulgate rules in accordance with the procedures prescribed in Section 590.123 of this act which provide for due process for peace and reserve officers and bailiffs who do not meet applicable training requirements.

The standard rulemaking language is included for the Commission.