SB 0287 Regulation of underground storage tanks
Committee:CORRLR Number:L1240.01I
Last Action:02/14/95 - Hearing Cancelled S Corrections & General Laws Committee-Consent
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 287 - This act amends the Underground Storage Tank Insurance Fund law.

Reporting requirements established by the Department of Natural Resources shall use risk based corrective standards which consider site specific conditions and future land use.

Currently, the fund provides money for cleanup of contamination from releases from underground storage tanks (USTs) owned by persons participating in the fund. The act would also cover cleanup costs for UST owners who apply for participation in the fund prior to August 28, 1995 and are accepted, regardless of when such UST release occurred. The fund shall also provide coverage of cleanup costs incurred after August 28, 1995 for releases from USTs taken out of use and documented with DNR prior to August 28, 1995.

The maximum balance for the Undergournd Storage Tank Insurance Fund is raised from twenty million dollars to one hundred million dollars.

Railroad corporations and airline corporations are exempted from the transport load fee assessed on motor fuel and such corporations are barred from making claims against the Underground Storage Tank Insurance Fund.

Rules promulgated by the Department concerning USTs shall be submitted to and reviewed by the advisory committee established to monitor the Underground Storage Tank Insurance Fund prior to publication.