SB 0257 Performance Standards;St. Board; Sch Policies & Operations
Committee:EDUCLR Number:S0173.07I
Last Action:02/08/95 - Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 257 - This act makes several changes regarding school policies and operations.

ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE STANDARDS, ASSESSMENTS AND REPORTING - Academic performance standards shall not be construed to replace existing standards for mastery of basic knowledge and such standards shall establish basic mastery levels prerequisite to mastery of higher skills. The act removes the existing prohibition on using the Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test as part of any new statewide academic assessment system and the prohibition on allowing tracking of academic performance between schools. Public reporting of school performance shall include administrative costs per pupil. The act removes the current requirement that the State Board of Education adopt the work of consortia of other state in establishing standards and assessments.

STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION - The State Board of Education shall consist of nine elected members, one from each Congressional district. If there are less than nine Congressional districts, additional members shall be elected at large to constitute a board of nine elected members. The term of office shall be four years, except that the initial term of office shall be two years for the first members elected from odd- numbered Congressional districts. Each current member of the State Board shall retain his office until the expiration of the term for which he was appointed. Elected members shall be United States citizens and Missouri residents for at least five years immediately preceding election.

TEACHER TRANSFER - The act establishes a voluntary program of interdistrict teacher transfers. Any teacher with a continuing certificate may apply to the school board for a one- year transfer to teach in another participating district. Salary and benefits shall continue to be provided by the sending district. Districts may enter into reciprocal agreements for teacher transfers.

TEACHER EVALUATION - All evaluations of public school teachers for teaching skill and expertise shall be performed by other teachers with experience in the same discipline. School administrators may evaluate teachers for other criteria.

HOMEWORK POLICY - School boards shall adopt written policies regarding homework required for all classes. Required homework shall be considered in teacher evaluations.

PAY SCALES FOR TEACHERS - School boards shall adopt pay scales for teachers. Pay scales shall provide that at least twenty percent of district's teachers shall receive at least ten percent more than the standard pay for a teacher in the district. The minimum salary for certified teachers shall be eighteen thousand dollars per year.

COURSE IN DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS - Current law requires schools to provide a course in Missouri and U.S. Constitution and American history and institutions. The act provides that the course shall emphasize the superiority of western style democracy over other political systems and the superiority of capitalism over other economic systems. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall establish all tests used in these courses.

COURSE ON TEENAGE PREGNANCY - The State Board of Education shall establish a curriculum regarding the effects of teenage pregnancy. The curriculum shall be included as a part of every health class taught in grades seven or eight in public schools and may be taught in grades nine through twelve.

MOTIVATED CLASS SECTIONS - Each school which offers more than one section of regular instruction class shall offer at least one section designated as "motivated". Only students who apply for entrance and sign a written contract may be admitted into a motivated section. The written contract shall include: a commitment to do all homework, a commitment to be respectful to teachers and other students at all times, provision for probationary status upon the first violation of the contract and provision for transfer to a regular section upon the second violation of the contract.

WEIGHTED GRADES - The State Board of Education shall establish standards for weighted grades based upon academic content for grades nine through twelve.

DRESS CODES - Each school board may adopt mandatory dress codes or require a uniform type of clothing to be worn in schools of the district.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY - Each school board shall establish a written policy on academic dishonesty. The policy shall require that the parent of guardian be notified of any incident involving academic dishonesty.

PARENTAL SUBPOENA - A superintendent may request that a circuit court issue a subpoena commanding a parent or guardian of a pupil in the district to attend a meeting with the superintendent regarding the conduct or academic progress of a pupil. The superintendent must document that the parent or guardian has been notified in writing at least twice of the need for a conference concerning the pupil and that the parent did not meet with the superintendent.