SB 0251 Reimbursement for inmate incarceration
Committee:CORRLR Number:S0965.01I
Last Action:02/14/95 - Voted Do Pass S Corrections & General Laws Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 251- This act provides for reimbursement of costs for inmate incarceration. This act shall apply to all offenders. Offenders shall submit a form to the Department of Corrections that provides information about the offender's assets. Each offender shall affirm the accuracy of the information and will be guilty of making a false affidavit if he knowingly provides false information. Providing false information may also affect an offender's probation or parole status.

The Department shall request that the offender assign ten percent of any wages, salary, benefits or payments from any source. An assignment shall be valid for five years from release from the Department or the date of the assignment's execution, whichever is longer. The Department shall provide all information to the Attorney General upon request to assist the Attorney General in investigating all offender reports. The Attorney General shall not bring an action against a former offender after the expiration of five years after his release from the jurisdiction of the Department.

Costs of investigating shall be presumed to be twenty percent of the reimbursements recovered, unless the Attorney General establishes otherwise. All investigative costs shall be paid into the "Inmate Incarceration Reimbursement Fund" which is established in the state treasury. Moneys in the fund will be appropriated to the Attorney General to defray investigative costs.

See Truly Agreed To CCS/SCS/HB 424.