SB 0226 Indemnifies certain public officials
Committee:AGRILR Number:L0790.01I
Last Action:02/22/95 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Agriculture & Local Government Committee
Title:SCS/SB 226
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 226 - This act indemnifies the officers and employees of a public governmental body against acts or omissions occurring in the performance of their duties in relation to public works projects. The changes in the SCS from SB 226 are as follows:

- The term "public entity" is substituted for "official, board, commission or agency of this state or any county, town, township, school or road district".

- "Public works" is defined as the construction of improvements or the renovation or repair of existing improvements to realty owned by a public entity. This definition will help to clarify one issue which has caused much confusion concerning when a bond is required, i.e. what is a "public work".

- Bonds will only be required when costs are estimated to exceed $25,000. Currently, bonds are required for any public work.