SB 0219 Women's and infants' care act
Committee:PUBHLR Number:S0843.01I
Last Action:01/24/95 - Referred S Public Health & Welfare Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 219- This act would provide caregiver services to pregnant women with the goal of reducing infant mortality and to promote childbirth over abortion. Caregiver services shall include: 1) helping women obtain support services, 2) assisting women in obtaining prenatal care, 3) promoting adoption, and 4) verifying that these women are fully informed about the consequences of abortion and that their choices are freely made. The Missouri Department of Health shall provide training programs for caregivers. A certificate of training shall expire after two years.

A health facility must receive verification from the client that the client has been offered caregiver services prior to performing an induced abortion. It shall be illegal to perform an abortion without this verification. A verification is not required if a physician indicates that an abortion is medically necessary.

The Department of Health shall establish an interagency coordinating council to identify services which are or may be available to pregnant women that support the choice of childbirth. This council shall inform all relevant state agencies of caregiver services that are available. The Department shall conduct research on factors which increase infant mortality and impede women from accessing prenatal care or choosing childbirth.

If appropriations are available, the Department shall prepare and implement an education and awareness plan for the general public. A "Peripregnancy Caregivers Commission" is created to establish priorities and criteria to be followed by the department to disburse funds received into the "Peripregnancy Caregivers Fund." This fund shall be used for the training of caregivers and for caregiver services and programs.