SB 0212 Highway Corridors, Scenic Byways and Transit Authorities
Committee:TRANLR Number:L0868.02T
Last Action:06/27/95 - Signed by Governor
Title:HCS/SB 212
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 212 - This act contains provisions for highway corridor preservation, designation of scenic byways, a notification requirement for public parks using federal funds, and transit authorities for any county.

PARKS - Any political subdivision of a state requesting federal funds for a public park or recreation area shall notify the Missouri Highways and Transportation Department (MHTD) of the request. (SB 258)

SCENIC BYWAYS - The MHTD shall adopt a rating system for designating scenic highways and shall consider the following factors: highway design; scenic & cultural resources of the area; adequate land area; compatibility with recreational and aesthetic needs; and presence of protected areas.

The MHTD shall notify newspapers of general circulation and each city and county through which the byway would pass. Hearings shall be held by the cities and counties, and they may approve or reject the byway designation for their areas. The Department may regulate or prohibit outdoor advertising along scenic byways. Commercial and industrial areas shall not be designated as scenic byways. Tourist oriented signs may be placed along the byways.

CORRIDORS - The MHTD may approve the location of a new highway corridor and file a certified copy with each regulatory authority having jurisdiction over part of the corridor. The cooperation of Metropolitan Planning Organizations shall be obtained. The MHTD shall hold a public hearing and send notice of the hearing to each owner of land crossed by the corridor. The Department shall pay a filing fee of $250 to the regulatory authority.

LOCATION - The corridors may be established only in first and second class counties. Maps may only be filed for projects receiving federal funds. No map may be filed in an area which is at or near its maximum use with commercial, industrial or residential structures.

REVIEW OF PROPOSALS - Each regulatory authority receiving a corridor map shall send to the MHTD copies of applications for building permits, zoning changes, subdivision plats or highway setback changes, if those changes affect a corridor; permits for increases in the size of residential buildings are excluded. The regulatory authority shall not act upon any application for 45 days while the Department reviews it. The Department may require modifications or give notice of intent to acquire all or part of the property concerned. If the modifications are rejected, or if the Department says it intends to acquire the property, the regulatory authority must wait 120 days for final action by the Department.

The MHTD must begin construction within 12 years after filing a corridor map or recertify the corridor in order to maintain it. If the location of a corridor is changed, the previous property owner shall have the right of first refusal to reacquire the property.

LEGAL ACTIONS - The MHTD may file legal actions to prevent violations of this act. A court may order a stoppage of construction and a return of property to its original condition.

TRANSIT AUTHORITIES - All first class counties are authorized to establish county transit authorities. Presently only St. Charles County has such authority. (SB 397)