SB 0150 Revises Boundary Commission law for St. Louis County
Committee:AGRILR Number:S0794.03C
Last Action:05/15/95 - S Inf Calendar S Bills For Perfection w/SCS
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 150 - This act revises the Boundary Commission law for St. Louis County.

DEFINITIONS - The definition of St. Louis County is revised. "Simplified Boundary Changes" are revised. The petitions by 75% of property owners must now be in non-commercial areas (no more than 30% commercial). Both petitions and transfers of jurisdiction must be approved by ordinance, and Commission approval is no longer required. The county is no longer a proposing agent.

ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMISSION - A first class county must have 50 or more cities to have a Boundary Commission. Effective dates are revised. Boundary changes approved before the effective date of this act shall be valid. Future simplified boundary changes may not conflict with other proposals before the Commission.

Members of the Commission shall be directly appointed by the three groups of cities in the county, while the members for the unincorporated area shall be appointed by the County Executive. Provisions are added to adjust the composition of the Commission for population changes. Commission members may not be in organizations representing political subdivisions. No commissioner shall serve more than two terms, and commissioners shall be bound by the conflict of interest law and the sunshine law.

RULES - Rules of the Boundary Commission cannot become effective for at least 30 days following amendment or adoption, and they may not apply retroactively. Proposals must be reviewed according to current rules.

BOUNDARY DECISIONS - Proposals before the Commission shall be considered in the order of first official action by the proposing agents. Modified proposals shall be subject to a hearing. The Commission shall consider the impact on the entire county and the ability to accommodate future boundary changes, and it need not consider the impact upon housing. If an area being annexed is within 1/2 mile of an existing city, the Commission shall consider whether the area would be better served by that city. The plan of intent submitted to the Commission shall address all of the factors which the Commission will consider. The Commission may advise proposing agents, other government entities and county residents with regard to future boundary changes.

MULTIPLE AREAS - Where more than two areas are involved, the proposal may specify that the boundary changes shall occur in any areas approving the change. A city wishing to annex two separate areas must submit two separate proposals.

SIMPLIFIED CHANGES - Notice of the ordinances adopting these changes shall be given to the Commission within 5 days. The Commission will not review the changes unless a petition of 10% of the property owners or residents asks for review within 30 days. If a petition is submitted, the Commission will decide whether the change merits a full review or not.

COMMISSION OPERATIONS - The Boundary Commission shall be an independent commission. It shall submit a budget to the county, and the county shall appropriate sufficient funds to carry out its duties, including funds for at least one attorney, one professional staff person and clerical staff for the attorney and professional staff.

FIRE PROTECTION - The residents in a newly created city shall pay their taxes for fire service to the fire district instead of to the city and then to the district.

EMERGENCY CLAUSE - The bill will take effect upon signing by the Governor.